Six Saving Hacks to Follow When Moving Your Belongings to a New Home

Moving is like fun but full disclosure and packing belongings suck. Similarly, it is consistently the most stress carrying event in your life. Moving to a new place is a highly rewarding journey as this is a new story chapter that can bring a lot of challenges as well. Whether you move in the spring season or summer, you and also your long distance mover can face many challenges, stress and energy.

Therefore you need to plan ahead particularly for the long-distance move, you need to start preparation two months before a moving day.

There are the following numbers of saving hacks that are helpful during the move  

1. Draw a plan early to a smart move

There is a need to start preparation as you come to know you are moving to a new place. Do not bestow cash for stuff you can do yourself. Use apps likewise” Evernote, Magic Plan, Moving Van” about moving tips and the tools also give you information to find long distance movers to stay organized. These apps share checklists and save notes like information about your new place, flight records and also insurance policy.

2. Arrange a packing party with family members and friends

You should do things which are easy for you because you can save money in this way. Purchase packing supplies and materials yourself, items like sticky tape, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, nails and also boxes. Get a good and reliable box for soft items and use of bubble wrap for fragile ones. Similarly, you can use plastic covers to wrap lotion and shampoo bottles.

You can make packing boxes easier to lift by cutting handles on either side, you can use t-shirts to wrap plates, trays and also dishes. Group items that you don’t wish to take with you and either sell or donate these items, either way in doing so, it’ll save on moving costs.

3. Color code and labeling your packing boxes

Definitely, you need to color-code your packing boxes so co-ordinate this with friends and relatives. Color code moving items helps to keep things organized, you can use color plastic bins, permanent colorful markers or colored duct tape. The boxes should associate with colors to correspond to the room they belong to at the destination. Green for kitchen items, red for bedroom or etc which is easy for long distance movers to recognize. Use the same permanent markers and duct tape on each side of the boxes for a reminder.

4. Prepare your electronics and make a utility payment

You have to bear some cash to set up utilities and to buy bubble boxes for electronics items. It is well and good if you have original boxes of electronics items like TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other home appliances like AC otherwise get them free or at cheaper costs.  Take a picture of all home appliances to fit accordingly at the new home. Before a moving day, you should label cables and power cords to stay organized.

5. Purchase or renew health insurance

When moving abroad or to a new country, do you research on obtaining health insurance. Your old insurance cover may no longer be valid and you may still be paying for it. Ensure you upate your health insurance and cancel what you no longer need. In addition, you have to renew your driving licenses, vehicle registrations and other records to ensure you are set up correctly.

6. Some other important saving hacks are there:

  • You should make sure of tax payments
  • Make sure your good credit scores
  • Arrange meals for moving day
  • Think good about your domesticated friends e.g. cat or dog
  • Capture a photo of everything before start preparation
  • Make a plan for your plants.
  • Hire a professional and reputable moving company
  • Hire long distance mover on cheap rates