Tricks to gain more Space at Home

Whether you own a large house or a smaller house, the quest for having maximum space in the home cannot be overemphasized. If you own a small house and you desperately need more space in the house, freight not because it is possible. No, you will not be packing out, all you need to do is tweak the set-up, arrangement, colouring, design, and sometimes construct of the home. This post will be majoring on some of the few tricks you can use to gain more space at home.

Use mirrors

If you didn’t know, now you know. Experiences of people shared on wowcher review show that the use of mirrors can make the room appear to be much larger and brighter than it is. Mirrors will reflect light, which will also give the room welcoming and larger. It could be a bathroom mirror or a medicine cabinet having a mirror, this addition will brighten the space.

Mount the TVs

Yes, you got it right. Entertainment systems can sometimes be a waste lying on the floor. It will take up unnecessary space, which can be avoided. TV shelves left on the floor holding up 30 inches or 70 inches TV, is a waste of space, and as such you should consider lifting the TV off the floor and placing it on the wall. A perfect place for the mounting might be the wall of the shelf. However, if you are not specialized to do this, call a technician to help you with the set-up process. So you do not risk your TV set falling because of irregular mounting.


It is believed that picture frames can appeal to the mind and give the room a large feeling. Find and pick an oversized piece of art to anchor the entire area or room. It might sound strange, but it works. A general applied rule is that the frame should use up to two-thirds or more of the space on the wall. For best experience, you might want to visit Artisa Living, an online store that offers a wide range of products, as well as art pieces and services that can aid in giving a room the feeling of being large.

Add storage compartments under staircases

If you own a house with a ground and upper floor, this might be for you. There is an obvious space underneath your staircase sitting there occupying nothing. In homes requiring larger space, this area can come in handy. All you have to do is set-up the place to have cabinets and drawers that will be able to store household items or clothing. No need for forcing items in other places in your house, when there is space waiting to be used under the stairs.

Add furniture

This goes against everything you normally believe and think, but on the contrary, a room can appear much larger when furnished than unfurnished. Instead of constantly trying to sell out old unneeded pieces of furniture to create space, you can use them to make it appear larger. However, you need to understand that not all kind of pieces of furniture would get this done for you. You will also need to watch the number of furniture you bring into the room. To avoid ending up occupying too much space.

Clean up

A clean and well-organized room will make any room (bathroom included) to appear much larger than it is. When there are no clothes, toiletries scatter around, the mind automatically believes the entire space looks brighter and bigger. Whenever any room space is well organized, a difference in available size is quite noticeable.


It might seem difficult to believe, but this is a trick to apply. Select a welcoming and brighter colour, it will give the room a different feeling from the norm. Not all colours will work well for this, so you have to be selective by seeking the services of an interior designer, or an expert in the field.

Tight room spaces can be messy, and most people hate to have such in their homes. If your home feels tight presently or should it ever feel tight, the aforementioned tips and tricks will serve you in making your space look larger.