Designing A Home That Brings Family together

A family home is a place where everyone comes to relax, unwind and the environment makes them feel at home.

It is a home that is warm, loving, and inviting for everyone else, not just the family.

The stressful situation of coming up with something that should be perfect for every family member makes design a family home challenging, but it can be done.

This article will take you through some of my tips to create a home that will bring your family together.

Paintings, art, photography, and decor

There is nothing that brings a family together other than the memories shared during vacations and other important family occasions.

Decorating your walls with pictures of you and your spouse, your childhood memories, pictures of your children growing up,

Hanging out photos that trigger good family memories will do a great deal in bringing your family together.

To ease this task of sampling and decorating your home you can have someone else do the designing and printing of these photos to come up with a work of art.

You can even choose to print out a year’s calendar out of family photos. If that is what you’d want, I suggest that you have a look at the Colorland calendars and get yourself a beautiful work of art.

Durable furniture and appliances

A family home should be equipped with long-lasting and durable furniture.

You want your children to make memories of the house and pass the same to their children and the generation to follow.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and should also be spacious to house everybody.

A place you can enjoy all your meals together, prepare your thanksgiving turkey and special meals that are normally prepared for special occasions.

Whenever you want to upgrade or purchase something for your new home, opt for quality over quantity.

We should avoid by all means getting products that require periodic repairs or purchases, it will end up being expensive.

It is therefore recommended that before making any purchase, go through homeware product reviews. Read through what others have to say about the particular item you want to purchase before making the purchase.

Create a game room

Everyone needs that one place that is a sanctuary to them.

For the kids and grandkids, there is nothing better than a good gaming space. Here you can install some good indoor games.

This will be good for the winter season when the weather is not conducive to play outside.

You shall take this room to bond with your children and grandchild as you share some of the games you used to enjoy playing when you were kids.

These are the small memories the young ones, especially your grandchildren will take with them and they can’t wait for the next holiday to spend at their grandparents’ place. 

Have enough storage spaces

If you are planning to design and come up with a good family home, such factors as storage spaces should be of priority.

You want to have enough rooms for your children, grandchildren, a few other guests.

Opt for foldable beds and couches, hidden storage ideas, and make the most out of them.

Remember to get a big garage space and if it is not possible to expand, you can find better ways to find extra packing areas.

Part of having enough storage spaces is taking advantage of extra unusable spaces. This could be under the stairs, under the bed, hanging storage baskets on the wall to reduce floor space and increase the usage of wall space. 

Create a perfect outdoor area

This is where all the memories are made! Create a backyard that is one to remember!

Why crowd yourself in a community pool when you can have your right in your home’s backyard.

Build a pool with an amazing fountain.

Add on that a beautiful manicured lawn at the front yard, to welcome your family and guests.

You can also set a small area in your backyard to grow a beautiful garden where you can source all your fresh vegetables each morning. This will be worth it!

You can add some outdoor furniture to get a relaxing time as you watch your children play.

Build a fire pit to enjoy beautiful evenings with family as you roast some marshmallows and make memories together.

A small outdoor kitchen will add the spark! You can enjoy an afternoon grilling some nice delicious meat as you watch the kids play.

Finally, there is an endless list of activities to do in your backyard.

It doesn’t matter if you can afford all of them, the most important thing is that you and your family get to spend time together, showing love and support.