Miley Cyrus vs. Taylor Momsen: Who’s Worse?

By at 30 June, at 23 : 46 PM

Miley Cyrus vs Taylor MomsenWhile we’re too busy criticizing Miley Cyrus for the past few weeks, we have forgotten that there are other stars who acts the same way as her. 16 year-old Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen was at the top of the gossip news this week after her cigarette scene in their show in California last Sunday.

Taylor is still so young to start puffing cigs, how on earth did she get those sticks? The government is getting worried of Taylor’s acts and they advised the youths to know how to stop idolizing someone.

Not just that, she’s also in the heat after her sexy performance at her 2010 Vans Warped Tour in California wearing mini min dresses and super short shorts. We weren’t affected when Taylor started wearing super dark make-ups in the set of Gossip Girl. she even looked like a ghost in the last episode of Gossip Girl.

We didn’t criticize her, its okay for her to wear mini dresses, short shorts; of course we all know she hates pants. Why is it okay for her act that way when she’s just 16 years old? Why are we so focused on Miley who’s 17 and turning 18 this year? Miley started dressing inappropriately when she started dating Liam, maybe Liam’s the bad influence for her, just kidding! Now it’s the battle of the inappropriately dressed bad girls! Miley vs. Taylor whose side are you on?
41824, HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES - Monday June 21, 2010. Miley Cyrus debuts her new album, Can't Be Tamed, at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles as well as live on MTV. In addition to singing songs off her new album, Miley sang a rendition of Every Rose has its Thorn , in tribute to Bret Michaels, and Joan Jett's I Love Rock N' Roll . During a break between songs, Cyrus gave a shout out to her gay fans. Photograph: James Breeden/Nathanael Jones,  PacificCoastNews.com40481, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Wednesday May 12, 2010. Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen, 16, performs her first live gig in the UK with her band The Pretty Reckless at London's Notting Hill Arts Club. Momsen left little to the imagination, wearing a very short and busty dress with ripped stockings. As the night went on, Taylor also started to look a little worn out and did not stop to sign for fans even though during her show she allegedly mentioned how awesome they were! Momsen, who plays aspiring fashion designer Jenny Humphrey in the CW show Gossip Girl has fronted The Pretty Reckless since 2009. The band's debut single Make Me Wanna Die , featured on the soundtrack to action movie Kick-Ass , will be released in the UK on May 17. An album is due later this year. Photograph: Ben Dome, Ringo,


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  1. Alejandra, 5 years ago

    I would say Taylor …. she is worse cause she wears a lot of makeup . Miley is trying to be a different person she could do watever she wants …

  2. khirman, 5 years ago

    im on miley’s side and i agree wit the article and taylor momsen is younger than cyrus

  3. mrsdestinyhope, 5 years ago

    Well DUH, Taylor.
    I don’t know why people find Miley so BAD just because of the clothes she’s waer. She’s doing nothing different from what entertainers of today’s generation. Miley may have gotten in tons of controversy , but she’s not a wild child like Miss Mosmen. Point One: Is Miley into drugs like Miss Mosmen? I think NOT. And Miley, unlike Taylor, is grateful fo her career, her fame, and her fans. Taylor could care less. Most of Miley’s scandals are stupid small things that she’s done on stage. Little things that most of the pop singers of today would get away with just because THEY’RE NOT ON DISNEY

  4. Daytiia, 5 years ago

    Everyone knows that everyone has to grow up someday.. Miley Cyrus was once that little, cute girl who played Miley Stuart/Hannah Montana on the disney channel. But, she can’t be that way forever! I mean…. an 17 year old playing hannah montana?? Dude! shes nearly 18! i can’t imagine an 18 year old playing hannah montana. CAN YOU? from my point of view, she has matured very fast. It was definitely time for her to move away from Hannnah Montana.. and she has done a perfect job at that. Miley is expressing herself in a way.. WE ALL couldnt have imagined. Miley might be different on the outside. But WE still have that Hannah Montana on the inside. OH AND TAYLOR MOMSEN NEEDS TO GET HER ACT TOGETHER!.. SORRY TAYLOR

  5. Usagi,, 5 years ago

    I would say Taylor’s worse than Miley, but Taylor’s audience and fans are older if you get me. Like with being on Gossip Girl, Taylor’s fans are generally teenagers, who are old enough to make decisions for themselves, whereas with Miley, who was a Disney star, is looked up to by a lot more people. Some of her fans are younger as they watch Hannah Montana, so she’s got a lot more people who respect and idolize her. They’re both the same though; they don’t care what people think of their appearances or if they judge them, just it seems like Taylor’s taking it too far, like she has little dignity. Did I mention I’m a huge Taylor fan? but yeah, Taylor’s definitely trying too hard.

  6. Aimee, 5 years ago

    Miley knowss the difference between stage and reality.
    On stage she dresses provocatively and whatnot but is casual and fashionable out and around
    taylor tries way too hard to fake this persona of cherie currie and Courtney love (not original or shocking at all) and dresses like a slut in reality and a prostitute or stripper on stage.

  7. miley1fan, 5 years ago

    Taylor, ofc. She’s on drugs, younger, ungreateful, she seems so stupid, and she looks like a total MESS! she can’t even sing. better stick to acting, although i don’t even think she should do that.. Miley is a great rolemodel actually! i can’t see why ppl think miley is so bad, because the mistakes that she does are HUMAN. btw, she is NOT slutty, nor because of her clothing or dancing. you should see my friends and i at a party, no one cares about that! and were younger. ;) miley rock

  8. Aussie girl, 5 years ago

    they both dress like teenage sluts. nobody’s forgotten that there are other young women out there that dress like miley, or worse. we’re all very aware of how many trampy dressing and acting women are out there in the media, and that’s why it’s dissapointing to see the once tastefull miley turn into one of them. very sad.

  9. alexandra, 5 years ago

    taylor has pretty much been dressing like that for the last 2-3 years.
    she also has a major attitude problem which quite frankly i love.
    her role model factor is not nearly as large as that of miley cyrus and as a result she can get away with acting and dressing the way she does
    she’s in a rock band, she is not nearly as famous as miley.
    she dresses to express who she is.

    miley’s been a role model for years, and instead of gradually shedding the image she has done a complete 180 degree turn.
    to make matters worse she is probably one of the mot over exposed celebrities at the moment, her excessive wealth and success at such a young age is unrelatable and makes her unlikable to multiple people

    both of these girls have to grow up emotionally and conduct themselves in an acceptable manner.
    taylor momsen, as much as i like her, probably has the most pathetic parents in the world, allowing their child to walk around like she does, swearing on national tv shows.
    we all know that maturity has nothing to do with lace, 6′ heels and garters.
    grow the f up.

  10. abigail, 5 years ago

    miley is worse…there is no doubt about that.
    taylor on the other hand never claimed to be a practicing christian etc. taylor also did not have any “good girl” image to shed…she wasnt a role model for little girls to begin with…taylors pictures are not on little girls’ schoolbags and pencil cases. so if she dresses slutty , who the f cares?
    miley cyrus has claimed to remain a “virgin until marriage” and lots of other goofy shit to gain attention…

  11. Angelina, 5 years ago

    Taylor’s WORSE, actually. Poor Miley, Momsen sucked ass :)

    Kudos to Miley, suck ass, Taylor.

  12. Sabbzz, 5 years ago

    Well ii Love both of them !

    But ii Thinkk Taylor’s trying a biht too hard.. or just jelous because she failed the audition for Hannah Montana and miley won.
    ii Love miley more than taylor , but taylor has a great voicee.. even if taylor dont cre about smokien and role model things she should atleast have some decency like wear short skirts okai thats kwl but then after not touching up your breast while ur wearin them. so miley wears short skirts ect. but doesnt do any innaporpite moves = shes tryng do the best as she can we cant have a 30 year old hannah. And have youu seen 17 year old teens these days!
    so yeh taylor momsen is worse although ii like her. but smokin in stage actien ard ? NO WAi
    Rock On Miley. x x x
    Taylor Hope U Relizee .. x x x

  13. freaker, 5 years ago

    Come to the Netherelands, Miss Momsen <3! No one ll bash u….

    Americans are stupid conservative ass!

  14. Sarah, 5 years ago

    Well, I would say TAYLOR ALL THE WAY. Theres a huge difference between them.
    Miley’s trying to show an older side of her, I know she can do some pretty slutty things but those were STAGE PERFORMANCES. The music genre is POP. Thats what you wear in these performances.
    I heard a song of Taylors that she recorded when she was only 15 and the song was called “Shut Up Slut” and she cusses in it. She looks like someone gave her a black-eye, she acts like a whore, she crawls around on a table in her underwear, she swears in interviews, she calls other musicians “pop shit”, she has no class, She has talent, just let her get some pants on and a face wash, and then i’ll be interested.
    At least Miley can actually get into the Top 10 singles on itunes.

  15. Anonymous, 5 years ago


  16. da da daaaa :), 5 years ago

    wow!! everyones like a huge shit talker on here!! aha man seriously who gives a fuck! i love taylor momsen shes a mad bitch, not afraid to be who she is and mileys fine just that she gets heaps of attention cuz of disney channel and the possible 5 year old girls wanting to be just like her, thats not taylors problem!!

  17. Dodii, 5 years ago

    Mileeey forever … She is so talented … I hate you Taylor you’re a****** ***** okii …. Ofcourse she’s worse … Plzz don’t compare her to Miley okii !!! WTF

  18. Rubyblue007, 5 years ago

    I’m with taylor because it’s all part of her look and she is just being her and she doesn’t want to be a role model she is just her and miley is one of the biggest stars and so many young children look up to her so they think that it will be ok to dress like and tbh it’s their choice there still finding themselves most probably but still taylor who is amazingly talented :)

  19. Sanne, 4 years ago

    I think Miley is defenitely worse. While they both dress the same, Taylor’s audience consists of teenagers, while Miley is more for kids. I mean, my 8-year-old cousin is Miley Cyrus fan. I don’t want her to dress like her…
    Also, it’s ridiculous to say Taylor’s jealous, because she has a mayor role in Gossip Girl, which is just as popular as Hannah Montana, and way more fun.

  20. Leelo, 4 years ago

    Miley’s worse. She knows that all the children around the world look up to her, and yet she dresses like a whore and poll dances (yeah, I went there)
    Imagine your children looking up to someone like that. Almost all the little girls in my school have handbags with her pictures on it, and know her all of her songs. Well, now they know how she dresses and how she acts.
    Plus, all that angel act and “I’m just another girl” act are totally fake. Disney really like money and media, huh?
    Taylor has been that way since childhood. She knows she can be whoever she wants to be, and drastically change for the better or worse later. Most of her fans are above 18 years of age, so I’m sure they can make a decision of whether to dress like her or not, unlike Miley fans who will just copy her.
    Taylor, get your act together man, we don’t want to lose you.
    Miley, shame on you for teaching your ways to our youth.

  21. mia, 4 years ago

    i would have to say that Miley is worse then Taylor shes taking pics of her using a bong only taylor is smoking a cig i mean really miley she’s a slut to be blunt

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