Popular Like iPad & Chat Roulette: Bieber tackles kiss with Jasmine Villegas

By at 10 December, at 03 : 09 AM

Justin Bieber Popular like iPad and Chat RouletteJustin Bieber is as popular as iPad and Chat Roulette and he addressed kissing Jasmine Villegas to Barbara Walters.

There’s no denying that Justin Bieber is the one of the most popular teen star in his generation. In fact, he’s one of 2010′s most popular searches – where his level of popularity is as immense like a website (Chat Roulette) and a gadget (iPad). That’s a report confirmed by Google Zeitgiest – dubbed as “the aggregation of billions of search queries people typed in” in the world’s prime search engine (if you don’t know what that is – you’re living under a rock, honey!).

That list is topped by Chat Roulette – an innovative website that pairs two people randomly to have a video chat with each other. That’s followed by iPad then Justin Bieber comes in third. Did you remember that Twitter banned “Justin Bieber” because his name pops up in their trending topic almost daily?

Anyway, that’s probably the reason also why Justin is in Barbara Walter’s “10 Most Fascinating People of 2010″. Aside from his intense popularity, Justin is also haunted by issues on his personal life. The kissing photo with Jasmine Villegas has caught Barbara’s fancy that she confronted him about it. Justin addressed the issue saying that it’s just normal for 16 year old boys to kiss – there’s no big deal about that. For the record, he said they didn’t know somebody was taking photos of them.

To clear things up, Bieber declared that he is single. So Jasmine is not his girlfriend for now. Oh well, we’re guessing a lot of tween gals out there are rejoicing to hear this wonderful news.

Sources: TMZ / Google Zeitgeist


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  1. jemma, 4 years ago

    no way he should be kissing me like im pretty

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