Justin Bieber Going for Taylor Lautner Buff Bod?

By at 22 May, at 22 : 57 PM

Justin Bieber Hires Taylor Lautner TrainerJustin Bieber has reportedly hired the gym trainer of Taylor Lautner as he desires to emulate the Twilight hunk’s bulked up and muscled body. That’s going to be a lot of benchpresses, situps and workout sessions, boy!

The National Enquirer publicized that the 16 year old Canadian singing sensation hired Jordan Yuam, the celebrity trainer responsible for Taylor Lautner’s immediate hunky transformation. Taylor has been very diligent in working out and dieting to achieve the “hunk look” that he has now. Apparently, little Bieber-meister wants to have that bod too! And he’s got the budget to get what he wishes for.

Justin Bieber does not want to just swish his hair to impress girls but he wants them to swoon over his washboard abs in the future. That is, if he gets to attain discipline like what Taylor Lautner did for his role as Jacob Black. Oh well, just look out for a gym without revolving doors in their building (Related story: Justin Bieber Bumps Head in Glass Door). We would not want you to get bump your head while concentrating on developing that “hunky” image you want to project!


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