Charice in Star King – Third Time is a Charm in Korea (VIDEO)

By at 25 July, at 07 : 08 AM

Charice in Star King July 24Filipino Youtube sensation Charice made another spectacular performance in Star King – the Korean TV show that is acknowledged to be where the singer gained fame worldwide.

If you live under the rock and don’t know a thing about Charice’s rise to fame, Star King is the show where her famous Youtube videos came from. They were uploaded and it paved the way for Charice to get noticed by talk show host Ellen Degeneres. Then, Oprah Winfrey invited her and the rest is history.

Her third time in Star King was shown in Korea yesterday, July 24. As usual, Charice belted out several Whitney Houston hits like “I Have Nothing”, “I Will Always Love You and “When You Believe”. However, what got most raves is her rendition of “One Moment in Time” where Charice got most applause from the audience. Heren is the video of Charice sweeping the Star King away with “One Moment in Time”:

We cannot understand Korean but it looks like they were amazed again by Charice. The swan song of Charice for Star King is her hit single “Pyramid”, which is doing pretty well on the Billboard charts.

Despite everything Charice achieved, she is currently being criticized for undergoing Botox under Filipino plastic surgeon Vicki Belo. At her young age, most people think she does not deserve to feel bad about her looks. Charice insisted that she agreed to have Botox and Thermage to make her look best when she appears on American musical-comedy show Glee, where she notched a recurring character for its second season.

Oh well, fans should not dwell on all the negative vibes around Charice. What is important is that she will feel confident appearing in Glee and she’ll amaze everyone with her big talent.


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  1. legendcha, 5 years ago

    Agree with you W.catacuta? Charice is a solid rock, a pyramid. A small botox issue will not be another reason for charice to stop singing. She did stop before and it did not look good. She stood up and sing for people anyway no matter what… just sing… in this song… just sing… and she will find her way back home… that’s the Charice i know.. still knows.. and i bet you will always know… She’s just a victim of her innocence… she’s learning though…

  2. legendcha, 5 years ago

    And by the way, her talent has led her through thick and thin, through bad times and good times… her talent will concquer all odds and turn them into solid success… i still believe she will be legend one day.

  3. champ1990, 5 years ago

    That B**** issue is now history. We now know that the main reason of her having that is to relax the chewing muscle that had developed on her cheeks that was causing her discomfort especially during her sleep. It just so happened that this B**** treatment is also able to make one’s face narrower. The media hype basis was out of context, it was blown out of proportion. And it’s just unproffessional for this doctor to use Charice’s popularity and this bad doctor persuaded her to have the treatment covered by the media. The most important thing here is that blessings keep on pouring to good people like Charice. She has so many fans all over the world especially in Asia who still loves her and are still inspired by her and are still being amazed by her renditions of all kinds of songs! She’s just so great! She’s the best singer in the world. Just check her Eaton performance in Toronto and her recent stint in Thailand where she wowed the almost 15K crowd! She’s the most down to earth person and the sweetest thing! Labyo Charice! Woot woot! Y peace!

  4. PinayBug, 5 years ago

    A superb tear-jerker performance! I love you Charice!
    You are a solid rock that will withstand the test of time but yet you are also fluid and soft like water, that can wear down the hardest and heavy stone.

  5. Tala, 5 years ago

    Right, we should not dwell on the negative vibes. At the top Charice!

  6. Styles, 5 years ago

    The reason Luna cried is because one of the MC hosts told her (I guess jokingly) that she should only sing in Korea. Well the comment was not received as a joke and understandably Luna cried. When this whole incident was communicated to Charice, she felt very bad for Luna which is why Charice conveyed that heartfelt and sincere message to her. If one looks at the video between the times of 3:38 – 3:48, one will see the translator telling Charice of the incident and immediately thereafter you will see Charice’s demeanor change to one of sympathy for Luna. The purpose for this clarification is to avoid a possible fan war between Charice’s camp and Luna’s camp. Both are talented artists that should be respected.

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