Trump, the Fiji water bottle, and Marco Rubio's revenge

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Donald Trump found his fossil-fueled motormouth a bit dried up during his press conference on Wednesday, so he awkwardly paused the address to ask his aide for some water.

Naturally, late-night TV hosts jumped on the opportunity to mock the moment as Trump bent over to look below the podium, until someone in the room pointed out that the water was in its usual spot - off to the side and in front of him.

"I am pleased that since January of this year, Japanese companies have announced investments in the United States worth more than $8 billion, 17,000 jobs", Trump remarked, before interrupting himself to look for water.

Trump paused his speech and searched for water, but could not find any.

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The internet would have forgiven him had Trump not hit at Marco Rubio, a Republican senator and his one-time rival for the White House for doing something similar in 2013.

Trump grabbed for it, seeming to keep it away from his body and out of camera view as he unscrewed the cap before taking some gulps, reminiscent of another ill-fated political water bottle sip by Sen.

Between spewing out hateful messages on Twitter, derogatory comments about women, immigrants and Democratic voters, it's no surprise Donald Trump is in need of some water once in a while to wet his whistle.

Sure, its amusing to make fun of Donald sipping on water like Marco Rubio.

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"It's Rubio!" Trump declared as he held the bottle in the air.

"Similar, but needs work on his form.Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera", he tweeted.

At an event in Texas, Trump mimed Rubio's attempts to drink water mid-speech, while spilling some contents of a water bottle onstage. "But not bad for his 1st time", Rubio wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

In 2013, after Rubio's moment, Trump tweeted that Rubio was "being crucified by the media for drinking water during speech!"

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