Bloodhound SSC: supersonic auto gears up for first public test

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Along a runway at the Newquay Airport in southwest England earlier today, the Bloodhound Supersonic Car zoomed past its hopeful goal of 322 km/h (200 mph).

It is powered by the same Rolls-Royce rocket engine used in Eurofighter Typhoon jets, the newspaper says, as well as "three Norwegian Nammo hybrid rockets" and a V8 motor from a Jaguar sports auto. That need for speed is just the first stage of an attempt to prove the Bloodhound's capabilities with an eye firmly on the main prize of an eventual 763 miles an hour.

While a large crowd is expected to witness the trial run live, those who can't be present can still watch the test via the stream below from Bloodhound's official YouTube channel. "It felt like about eight seconds, which was what we were expecting".

These shakedown runs are of course necessary to make sure all systems are working as intended before the vehicle heads out to South Africa for its record attempt.

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The engineering behind the Bloodhound SSC is fascinating.

The 1.7-mile runway is not long enough to go much faster, and the record runs are scheduled for the Hakskeen Pan flats in South Africa, where a 12-mile track is being prepared for an attempt at an 800 miles per hour record in 2019 and an all-out assault on 1000 miles per hour in 2020.

Later in the year, Belstaff will also release two limited edition styles of sunglasses too, designed in collaboration with Andy Green for use in the African desert during the record attempts. The runs are probably the fastest the vehicle will ever go in the United Kingdom, he added. The demonstration Thursday was a simple preliminary test of the auto, giving the engineers the confidence to proceed with higher-speed tests on a South African lake bed next year.

Speaking after the Newquay test was completed, Mr Green said: "We came here to show the world Bloodhound is go".