Game Cube Controller Support Sneakily Added for Switch

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As the name implies, this feature updates the game to all users on their latest versions, which is useful for users who have multiple profiles on one system. Once hooked up, you can use the GameCube controller with any title. Melee. Smash Bros. for GameCube is still huge in fighting game circles, and the GameCube controller is the preferred way to play it and its sequels - which is why there's a GameCube controller adapter for Wii U in the first place.

If you're a stickler for the older hardware, preferring the feel of the GameCube's asymmetrical controls to these modern "Pro" gamepads, you're in luck. According to Ars Technica, third-party adapters aren't as dependable as Nintendo's official Gamecube controller adapter. We may start to see GameCube games making their way to the previously promised virtual console on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the Switch has been severely lacking the usual Nintendo functionality during its 7-month life, which is surprisingly longer than it took to bring the feature to the now-defunct Wii U.

However, you may find that being able to use them doesn't mean you'll want to.

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To this day, the GameCube controller is often cited by most Smash players as being the best way to play a game within the series.

As the GameXplain video demonstrates below, the Switch now supports the use of GameCube controllers. Alongside the quickly discovered USB headphone support, it seems that the GameCube controller is now compatible with the Nintendo Switch. What is nice about the implementation on the Switch is that support is not limited to a single game.