US President Donald Trump to allow release of JFK files

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Over the years, the National Archives has released most documents related to the case, but a final batch, amounting to tens of thousands of pages, remains and only Trump has the authority to decide whether some should continue to be withheld or released in redacted form.

Congress mandated back in 1992 that all the assassination documents should be released within 25 years, but Trump had the power to block them on the grounds that making them public would harm intelligence or military operations, law enforcement or public relations.

Mr Sabato and other JFK scholars believe the trove of files may, however, provide insight into assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to Mexico City weeks before the killing, during which he visited the Soviet and Cuban embassies.

In all, the National Archives will release 3,000 never-before-seen documents Thursday, and 30,000 documents that were previously released, but only in part.

Thousands of books, articles, TV shows, movies and documentaries have been produced about the assassination and surveys have shown a majority of Americans still distrust official evidence pointing to Lee Harvey Oswald as the sole killer.

Cruz's father Rafael has called Trump's allegations that he was pictured with Oswald in New Orleans before the assassination "ludicrous". "But I think it's disgusting".

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Kennedy waves from his vehicle with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in a motorcade in Dallas. It found that Oswald, who was shot and killed by Texas nightclub owner Jack Ruby two days after Kennedy's assassination, acted alone when he mortally wounded the 35th president.

Some have argued the Central Intelligence Agency played a part, while others have pointed the finger at organised crime or then-Cuban president Fidel Castro.

Mr Stone claimed to prove that Lyndon B Johnson, Mr Kennedy's vice-president who became president upon his death, was "not only involved in JFK's assassination, but was in fact the mastermind".

'Yesterday I had the opportunity to make the case directly to the president of the United States by phone as to why I believe it is essential that he release the balance of the now redacted and classified JFK assassination documents, ' Stone said.

The Washington Post reported that Trump had been urged by government agencies, including the CIA to keep the documents secret. "It sheds very bad light on the deep state".