Feds say Chicago violated immigration rules on Byrne grant

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"If anybody in the Trump administration would actually do some research before firing off letters, they would see that the City of New Orleans has already provided the Department of Justice documentation that shows we are in compliance with federal immigration laws", Landrieu said in a statement in response to the April letter. The Department of Justice's letter to the city appears to suggest that its attorneys believe any restriction at all on local police inquiring about an immigrant's status by definition would violate federal law.

Wednesday federal authorities notified officials in Philadelphia and other cities that they are not in compliance with current immigration law.

This is a developing story.

Two other jurisdictions, the state of CT and Milwaukee County, Wis., heeded Justice Department warnings and reversed policies meant to shield undocumented immigrants from possible deportation.

The letters concern Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants, which have become ensnarled in controversy because of the Trump administration's immigration policies.

Mayor Kenney said Philadelphia welcomes immigrants and supports its immigrant communities.

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Since the inauguration and throughout the year, the City of Chicago has been at odds with the Trump Administration. The City of New Orleans will not be side-tracked by caustic, political rhetoric that seeks to make us fearful of others and scapegoat immigrants.

NOPD policies "may" violate the statute, according to the Justice Department, "depending on how your jurisdiction interprets and applies them".

Justice Department grants are contingent on cities agreeing to share information with the feds on individuals' immigration status and giving 48-hour notice before releasing from jail an undocumented immigrant accused of committing a crime.

Mayor Jim Kenney is not budging from his position that Philadelphia will remain a sanctuary city, despite warnings from the Department of Justice.

"State and local law enforcement agencies are not required to engage in the enforcement of federal immigration law", Malloy wrote to police chiefs earlier this year. Landrieu and NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison also have argued that targeting people through immigration status makes vulnerable communities less likely to report crimes and work with law enforcement. As much as I would be tempted to allow sanctuary cities to secede from the nation, it's probably better to keep the country together, as Abraham Lincoln once said. Eddie Johnson and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, dated October 11, comes as Attorney General Jeff Sessions is appealing a September order by a federal judge - in a case filed by the city of Chicago - blocking the Trump administration's efforts to keep fiscal year 2017 grant money from sanctuary cities.