Who Is Geary Danley? 4Chan Falsely Identifies Las Vegas Shooting Suspect

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Forbes reports a Facebook "safety check" feature, activated for those in the area to identify themselves as safe for their friends and family, promoted stories from right-wing news sites Gateway Pundit and Blogspot, which also falsely identified the shooter.

Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media giants have, for almost a year, resisted taking responsibility for the proliferation of false information online, in part, experts have speculated, to dodge regulation and government oversight. Meanwhile, it was already disclosed in the media that the police was on the lookout for Marilou Danley, Stephen Paddock, the accused's girlfriend. Amateur internet sleuths connected her name with Geary Danley's and jumped to conclusions.

But in this case, Google amplified the false information as millions searched for information about the gunman in the hours after the attack.

Google search results related to the name of the man wrongly identified as the killer prominently displayed a post from the online forum 4chan - where users were asserting links between him and the Democrats and left-wing political news websites. ISIS often takes credit for attacks by individuals with no known links to the group. They later apologized for the mistake.

In a statement, Facebook said, "We identified false news in the Crisis Response hub yesterday morning and removed it".

On Facebook and Twitter, where tweets claiming to be urgent messages about missing loved ones ran rampant, fake information can be even more hard to discern as the posts mirror legitimate cries for help.

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One thousand extra staff were hired for the United States election to weed out fake news.

He says the nature of social media amplifies stories that are blatantly false. These companies rely on promoting content they think people will click on.

"Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you we're going to catch all bad content in our system". We conducted a Facebook poll this morning and asked people where they first heard about the disaster.

"The American people really need to see these ads, they need to see just how cynical these ads are, they need to see how the Russians sought to divide us to turn American against American", Congressman Adam Schiff said.

The companies on Monday issued statements blaming the results on algorithmic miscalculations - the result of companies moving away from human moderators to rely on machines and artificial intelligence. Over the past few years, extremists, conspiracy theorists and government-backed propagandists have made a habit of swarming major news events, using search-optimized "keyword bombs" and algorithm-friendly headlines.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google are expected to testify on the Hill next month. This is precisely how fake news became such a gargantuan issue.