Former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Says He Is Living With CTE

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It's a unusual statement, given the former New England Patriots tight end is dead and had spent the last four years of his life not on the field but behind bars for murder. "In addition, Mr. Hernandez had early brain atrophy and large perforations in the septum pellucidum, a central membrane".

Due to that, his lawyers filed a lawsuit against the Patriots and the National Football League, seeking damages on behalf of his family, as he killed himself in prison earlier this year.

According to the lawsuit-obtained by CNN and provided to Bleacher Report-Hernandez was diagnosed with Stage III CTE, which is typically seen in deceased players with a median age of 67.

His death brought to an end the controversial saga of a talented young player who couldn't seem to escape trouble off the field.

While researchers have found links between C.T.E. and symptoms like rage, depression and irritability, they can not definitively say that the disease predicts the behavior.

We don't know right now, but make no mistake, we are getting closer to those answers. More research is needed on genetics and mental illness and, well, anything else that might gum up the debate.

Attorney Baez said that Hernandez's condition was one of the worst for someone his age, and researchers from Boston University noted that other football players with CTE had also committed suicide such as Dave Duerson, Andre Waters and Ray Easterling.

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But a 27 year old? The NFL was never forced to go to trial and thus never had to face deposition or produce any formal documents exchanged during discovery.

The NFL spends considerable time and resources every year to reassure anxious parents that it's OK to let their kids play football at the youth level.

Remember Baez has a different goal than those who don't want kids playing football or want the sport banned.

If Hernandez had severe CTE before he was 30, how can you promise me that my kid won't, too?

Boston University's CTE center on Thursday confirmed that its researchers found that Hernandez's brain showed signs of stage 3 of the disease, with stage 4 being the most severe form. According to Hernandez family attorneys, it alleges that the league's actions led to the tight end developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease, and deprived Hernandez's daughter of the companionship of her father.

That's low-hanging fruit for people who don't like the sport ... and for many who wrestle with the fact that they do enjoy it but also believe that the profession is creating ex-players doomed to a tortured existence until they finally tap out due to ALS, suicide or acts of violence.

Belichick is leaving any questions of brain trauma to the experts.