After Seeing France's Military Parade, Trump Wants An Even Bigger One

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Macron ended the message with a common French sign-off: "Kisses".

Trump said that the world could not let a "murderous regime" continue to destabilise the Middle East while also "building unsafe missiles" and that the USA "cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear programme".

"That President Trump thinks that this agreement is not ideal and doesn't protect enough is an argument that I can hear, but I asked him what was his alternative proposal".

"If we don't resolve the Syrian problem with Iran around the table, then we will not have an efficient response because Iran today is among the powers that have an influence on the ground", Macron said.

During his United Nations address earlier on Monday, Trump again bashed the P5+1 (US, Russia, UK, France, China - plus Germany and the European Union) agreement with Tehran, which was signed under the Obama administration, describing it as an "embarrassment to the US". "That's important", Macron told CNN. Assembly delegates are still reeling from Trump's threat to "totally destroy" North Korea, and if America is blamed for tanking the Iran deal, Trump may find it hard to cajole Kim Jong-Un into a diplomatic solution.

President Donald Trump was apparently so inspired by France's Bastille Day parade that he has proposed holding a similar event in the USA next July 4.

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He insisted it was "high time" that Romania and Bulgaria were included in the passport-free travel area and Croatia should follow soon.

He said the Paris accord will not be renegotiated.

Addressing the UN General Assembly one day after the U.S. president appeared on the same podium to launch a blistering attack on both Iran and on the 2015 accord, Rouhani warned the fate of the deal can not be decided by "one or two countries".

Trump's idea was apparently inspired by his attendance at France's Bastille Day parade earlier this summer.

Trump was blown away by what he experienced in Paris on July 14, when he joined French President Emmanuel Macron at the Place de la Concorde to watch thousands of French troops advance down the Champs-Elysées. French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday suggested holding next year an global conference on fighting online propaganda of terrorism. "He [Trump] respects a partner who states his positions and tries to convince him", he said.

It is impossible to find a resolution to the military conflict in Syria without Russian cooperation, French president Emmanuel Macron said in the interview. "They say things as they are", Besson adds - even if their words are worlds apart.