North Korea Threatens To Use Nuclear Weapon To 'Sink' Japan

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Inoki, who returned from a visit to North Korea earlier this week, told a news conference in Tokyo on Wednesday that Japan, as the world's only country to have been attacked by atomic bombs, should stay more neutral and mediate between the USA and North Korea.

"The four islands of the (Japanese) archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche", the committee said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency. "Japan is no longer needed to exist near us".

Nuclear-armed North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan on August 29 in a major escalation of tensions by Pyongyang.

In response, the United Nations slapped even harsher sanctions on North Korea than it has in the past.

"Japan's chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga, called the North's comments extremely provocative and outrageous" and said that if "North Korea stays the course that it is on, it will increasingly become isolated".

The UNSC resolution 2375 refers to the body's decision to impose new sanctions on North Korea - including a ban on the sale of natural gas liquids to the hermit nation, and on its textile exports - while also prohibiting member states from providing work authorisation to its nationals.

In response, the committee said the USA should be "beaten to death like a rabid dog" for the "heinous sanctions resolution".

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North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test on September 3, prompting the U.N. Security Council to step up sanctions with a ban on the reclusive regime's textile exports and a cap on fuel supplies.

The expert expressed doubt about reining in North Korea's trajectory in achieving its military goal, adding the use of any "military force" would send the peninsula into war.

The same year, North Korea conducted its first nuclear test.

On the same day, South Korea announced it had conducted its first live-fire drill for an advanced air-launched cruise missile that would strengthen its pre-emptive strike capability against North Korea in the event of crisis. But on September 12, two days before Pyongyang's statements, President Donald Trump noted the USA may take more actions beyond the recently imposed sanctions.

Following the Kim Jong-un regime's latest round of nuclear brinkmanship, calls are growing for a return to South Korea of American tactical nuclear weapons.

Pyongyang was expected to test an intercontinental ballistic rocket last Sunday as North Koreans celebrated the country's 69th anniversary of its founding, but the test did not happen.