Macron Proposes to Reform EU, Create New Eurozone Parliament

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Macron, who wants a giant leap forward in European cooperation, pressed for greater financial solidarity towards the bloc's more vulnerable members.

On the second day of his official visit to Greece, flanked by around 40 French entrepreneurs, Macron was expected to repeat his interest in France investing in Greece's recovery.

Furthermore, asked about the IMF's role in Euro zone bailouts, such as the third consecutive program that Greece is still implementing, he offered a more diplomatic and finessed position than his boss, French President Macron, who repeated in Athens this past week that the Fund is more-or-less redundant in the Euro zone.

No major protests had been planned against the French president. "I have always defended the IMF in worldwide discussions, but intervening in European Union crises and programs is not its first vocation, " he said, expressing the hope that the European Union could set up its own monetary fund to help prevent crises so that it would not have to make recourse to global ones. He praised Greece's austerity reforms but said ordinary Greeks had paid a heavy price.

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"I want Greece to continue to remain attractive, to open itself to worldwide investors, and for Europe to fully support it in order to maintain European sovereignty".

Macron promised a road map for the rebuilding of the European Union in the coming months, arguing that nations sticking together inside the European Union was the only way to protect citizens against problems including climate change and terrorism. He reiterated that Athens should be granted debt relief and said he hoped the issue would be resolved in 2018 when Greece is due to exit its €86bn (£79bn) rescue programme.

"Today we can say with certainty that the country is turning a page", Greek premier Alexis Tsipras said in his address at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre.

Macron also said he backed the idea of giving Britain's 78 seats in the European Parliament to pan-EU representatives elected by all of the EU's citizens after Brexit. Macron urged the International Monetary Fund to show "good faith" in upcoming Greek debt talks.