U.S. blasts deal that removed IS from Lebanon-Syria border

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The spokesman for the USA -led coalition backing the SDF said earlier this month that there are 24,000 Arabs and 31,000 Kurds in the alliance.

A convoy of buses and ambulances evacuated hundreds of Islamic State fighters and their families from the Lebanon-Syria border region after an unprecedented deal was struck this week.

The U.S. coalition strikes on Wednesday to block the convoy moving into Islamic State territory took place east of Humeima in southeast Syria, near the edge of land held by the Syrian government, coalition spokesman Ryan Dillon told Reuters.

Prime minister Haider Al Abadi said the ISIL fighters had been given free passage to the eastern border with Iraq, making them a threat to Baghdad's security. McGurk added that the anti-ISIS coalition will help ensure that "these terrorists can never" enter Iraq.

"The fighting continued on both fronts, the land was crushed, the hills and highlands were seized and ISIS found itself on its last square and it collapsed and surrendered after a decisive battle", Nasrallah said.

The Syrian government, backed by Russian air power and Iranian-organized militias including Hezbollah, has focused its military campaign in recent weeks on Deir el-Zour, where government troops have been besieged for years in the provincial capital. "We don't expel them to Syria; we kill them in Iraq", Abadi said.

Hezbollah, a Shiite movement founded in the 1980s to fight the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, joined the war in Syria early on to shore up its ally, President Bashar al-Assad, and retain a supply line that runs from Iran to Lebanon.

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He said 11 Hezbollah fighters died in the weeklong operation on the Syrian side of the border.

ISIS agreed to a ceasefire on two fronts on the Lebanon-Syria border region with the Lebanese army on one front and Hezbollah and the Syrian army on the other, ending a week-long confrontation.

Almost two dozen buses and 11 ambulances carried the militants and their families Monday from the area straddling the Syria-Lebanon border toward the Islamic State-held town of Boukamal in eastern Syria.

Several critics have responded to the official's tweets, noting that US-backed Syrian fighters gave IS terrorists a safe passage out of the city of Manbij previous year.

Nine Lebanese soldiers were kidnapped by ISIL in 2014 when they briefly overran the border town of Arsal.

Army commander Gen. Joseph Aoun, who is not related to the president, told reporters Wednesday that as the offensive against IS was underway, the Lebanese mediator called him to say that the extremists accepted a cease-fire in return for information about the fate of the soldiers.

The military official said once the transfer is completed, the Lebanese army would take control of the evacuated areas. Remains of several people have been uncovered in the border area, and DNA tests are underway to determine whether they belong to the missing soldiers.