Trump calls again on GOP senators to eliminate filibuster rule

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When asked whether President Donald Trump will sign any budget bill that does not including funding for the border wall, the White House said Thursday that President Donald Trump will fulfill his campaign promise and make sure that funding for the wall gets done.

Lobbyists say closed-door discussions between Congress and the Trump administration have considered an approach that would make tax cuts sunset after a decade, avoiding a Senate rule violation. The Treasury Department has been employing emergency measures to delay default. "Even when we were a tiny fraction of our present size and breadth, the framers of our Constitution understood the need for holding ourselves together, whatever our differences". That could hurt the United States' credit rating, cause financial turmoil, harm the USA economy and possibly trigger a recession. Republicans control the Senate by only a 52-48 margin.

I wonder how happy those same people would be if Trump were to follow through on his threat, seeing as large numbers of them, judging from the audience pictures on live TV, wouldn't receive their Social Security checks in the mail.

On Tuesday, Trump said his coy refusal to mention Flake's name at an Arizona rally showed "very presidential" restraint.

No wonder some 62 percent of Americans say the president is doing more to divide the country, while 59 percent say Trump's actions and behavior have encouraged white supremacists, according to a new Quinnipiac poll.

See: Trump Today: President blames McConnell and Ryan for debt ceiling 'mess.'

Trump's salvo ran counter to efforts this week by the White House and McConnell's office to play down reports of discord.

"He hasn't said they're not either", said Sanders. "No chance", McConnell said. "Anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly not part of the conversation", he said in a statement Wednesday.

"I think the relationships are fine".

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Congress only has until the end of September to raise the debt ceiling and pass a spending bill to prevent a government shutdown.

"Bashing Republicans won't help him pass his fall agenda, but Mr. Trump may think he needs to protect himself politically by making Congress his foil", the board writes.

The administration spent months offering no clarity on whether it even wanted a simple increase in the debt ceiling. Trump adds, "Tennessee not happy!"

Democrats didn't get into specifics about whether there was some small amount of money they could accept towards Trump's wall.

US President Donald Trump has once again called for Senate Republicans to get rid of the legislative filibuster of requiring 60 vote for a Bill and move towards passing legislation with a 51-vote majority.

A respected think tank said in a report on Thursday the government might not have enough money to pay all its bills on October 2 if Washington does not raise the debt cap.

Moody's Investors Service said Thursday it would consider stripping the United States of its top rating if it were to default on bondholders, but not if it merely skipped paying some of its nondebt obligations. The warning about a possible US downgrade seemed less dire and narrower in scope than one issued on Wednesday by Fitch Ratings.

But it would be "catastrophic", he said, if Trump and the Republican-led Congress fail to enact meaningful legislation now that they have total control of Washington. McConnell's failure to repeal Obamacare. "That should NEVER have happened!"