You'll soon be able to buy Walmart products on your Google Home

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Wal-Mart Stores and Google on Wednesday said they had formed a partnership whereby shoppers could use Google's apps and devices to shop at Walmart.

Google announced Tuesday night that it would be partnering with Wal-Mart to make the retailer's items available on the Google Express shopping platform and through the voice-controlled Google Assistant. According to Google, users can also receive unique recommendations based on their order histories when they link their existing account with their Google Assistant.

Google has also dropped the $10 a month or $95 a year membership fee for Express and is now offering free delivery so long as an order meets each store's minimum, which is usually between $25 to $35.

You can find out more information about this new features for Google Home and the Google Assistant, over at Google at the link below.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc is teaming up with Alphabet Inc's Google to enter the nascent voice-shopping market, now dominated by Inc, adding another front to Wal-Mart's battle with the online megastore.

The personalisation of the partnership with Walmart means people can shout out generic items like milk, bread and cheese, and Google Assistant will know exactly the brands and the size that the user wants.

The capabilities established by the partnership will expand next year to include what Lore described as "experiences that now don't exist within voice shopping anywhere else".

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Indeed, it's hard not to see today's announcement from Google and United States shopping giant Walmart in terms of Amazon's growing ambitions.

In a bid to take on Amazon Prime, Google has joined forces with Walmart to create a new "Express" programme.

Earlier this week, Walmart also announced it will be extending its collaboration with Uber, bringing its grocery delivery pilot to Orlando and Dallas. We don't know the exact date when this store will start showing up in the Google Express app, but we are told that it will happen sometime in late-September.

"Voice shopping is becoming a more important part of everyday shopping behaviour", said Marc Lore, chief executive of Wal-Mart's U.S. e-commerce business, Associated Press reported. Walmart has therefore integrated an "Easy Reorder" feature into Google Express.

"One of the primary use cases for voice shopping will be the ability to build a basket of previously purchased everyday essentials", he adds.

Recode pointed out that Walmart is the only retailer in the United States that comes very close to matching Amazon's product catalogue.

"We're thrilled to partner with one of the most popular stores in America to help make your shopping faster and easier, " wrote Sridhar Ramaswamy, a senior vice president for Google. The idea is that busy shoppers will happily allow artificial intelligence to sort out their shopping carts for them.