Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore lead protest outside Trump Tower

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On the heels of President Donald Trump's "unhinged" press conference Tuesday, filmmaker Michael Moore arranged for buses to transport the audience of his broadway show "The Terms of My Surrender" to Trump Tower to protest the president's defense of white supremacists and mourn the death of Heather Heyer.

There, spurred on by Moore and guest artist Mark Ruffalo, they protested the president's see-sawing declaration earlier in the day that both sides were to blame for the violence Saturday in Charlottesville, Va. "We're here to commemorate a life of an American that was killed by a Nazi on American soil", the 49-year-old actor said on Tuesday night.

"Heather Heyer, say her name!"

The Hollywood Reporter said the audience included film studio executive Harvey Weinstein, his wife, Georgina Chapman, and actress Marisa Tomei, but didn't say whether they participated in the protest.

On Tuesday, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) took that argument a long step forward, urging the removal of Trump, as well. "People who fight Nazi's and Nazi's and that's it".

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"They say to themselves, 'well, I'm not a racist even though he might be a racist.' Really?"

Taking questions that had to be shouted in the lobby of Pres. Trump Tower in New York, Pres. Trump praised his initial statement that had caused so much criticism, and angrily laid blame on liberal groups advocating for the removal of Confederate statues.

"For the sake of the soul of our country, we must come together to restore our national dignity that has been robbed by Donald Trump's presence in the White House", she added.

Moore, who led groups of people on buses to the tower, described the president's comments as "just bad, disgusting".

"I think the investigation that Bob Mueller is doing is very important", Moore said. Stand up for America! "After it was over, I had tears in my eyes, because it really showed me that this guy is not just insane - he has an agenda, and he's mad that he said what they made him say, and he walked it all back".