Pence Goes Beyond Trump in Condemning White Supremacists

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But he added, "As President Trump said a few days ago, we have lots of options for Venezuela". Instead, he plays the role of a presidential adviser and representative who has meticulously steered clear of Trump's more controversial statements.

The military, current and retired members of which control a third of the government, leapt on the threat to say it was the nation's only bulwark against the "imperialist aggression".

Trump said a military option was "certainly something that we could pursue".

"I don't think any Latin American nation would support military invasion of Venezuela", Navia added.

At the beginning of a regional tour, he said President Trump was showing "his resolve not to stand by and let a neighbour collapse into dictatorship".

For Andres Villadiego, a Chilean political analyst, Trump's words are part of a "tradition" in the United States to ramp up the rhetoric towards disliked governments.

Nicolas Maduro Guerra said Trump should solve his own problems and promised that - should the USA attack Venezuela - the Vietnam War "would seem small in comparison".

Later he met Mr Santos briefly at Casa de Huespedes Ilustres, telling him that Mr Trump sent greetings and thanks for his hospitality. "Venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering and they're dying".

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"Maduro is going to play this like a fiddle", Frank Mora, undersecretary of defence for the Western Hemisphere during the Obama administration, told The Wall Street Journal.

Is the USA president bluffing when he says a military intervention is on the table? "I mean, this just plays right in to [his] whole narrative".

He told reporters in Berlin that Germany wants "a peaceful return to democratic order". Venezuela's Ministry of Communication and Information said Sunday that it could not respond to media queries until today. Meanwhile allied and cooperative governments rush to distance themselves from what they are guessing could be the USA position, and that needlessly undermines efforts to present a unified regional front to the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. But the coalition's statement didn't directly mention Trump's remarks.

The US sanctions so far have been against individuals and not targeted Venezuela's oil industry, which would have consequences for US refineries. For now, the only change in that should be to increase the sanctions' severity and target them more accurately at Maduro himself.

At the start of a tour of the region Mr Pence said the USA was aiming to work "with all of our allies across Latin America" to end the civil and political unrest that has swept the country and restore democratic rule.

In a statement published on the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism website on 13 August, Pence said: "today I announced that the U.S. has reached an agreement for Colombia's Hass avocados to enter the USA market".

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