Haiti thanks Canada for accepting refugees from US

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VPR spoke to Kate McKenna, a reporter for the CBC in Montreal, about the surge of asylum seekers that have been coming to Quebec.

The site, located on a flat stretch of grass behind the building where asylum claimants are bused in from the border, was expected to accommodate up to 500 people.

Daniel Le Bouthillier, head of media relations for National Defence, said the military received the request from civilian authorities.

While under Canada's Third Safe Country agreement with the USA asylum seekers who attempt to cross at legal border crossings are turned away at the border because the U.S.is considered a safe country, the government says under the UN Refugee Convention it is compelled to hear the asylum claims of those who cross the border through unofficial crossings and make their refugee claims inland.

When the camp is completed, the soldiers will return to their home base, with the exception of a few who will remain on site to maintain the military's equipment, the statement said.

Asylum seekers are seen here arriving at Montreal's Olympic Stadium last week.

"They are hearing that Canada doesn't deport people".

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"There's the United States; this is Canada".

More than 50,000 people affected by Haiti's natural disaster have been allowed to remain in the United States under "temporary protected status" according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Canada's deportation ban, which was enacted after a 2004 coup and extended after the natural disaster, expired in August 2016.

The migrants fear the U.S.is becoming less welcoming and have chose to try their luck seeking asylum in Canada.

Many Haitians who had been living in Canada for years have since raced to get permanent residency on humanitarian or compassionate grounds.

It will take about two or three days for Canada Border Services to process the 700 asylum applications.