Baltimore Ravens sign former Clemson QB David Olson

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The news comes after coach John Harbaugh said he wouldn't rule out signing former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick following a back injury to starting quarterback Joe Flacco.

A day after Ravens coach John Harbaugh publicly expressed some interest in Kaepernick, they signed David Olson from the arena league. If you had never heard of Olson before Friday, join the club.

As Harbaugh explains it, the fact that Ravens signed Olson doesn't necessarily mean they picked him over Kaepernick. He most recently played with the Kansas City Phantoms last season.

Before his pro career got started, Olson was a career backup in college, spending four seasons at Stanford before transferring as a graduate student to Clemson. Other teams don't have a franchise quarterback who's dealing with a tweaked back that, if mishandled, could affect his regular season. In the meantime, Kaepernick remains searching for a team that will give him a chance.

Olson's résumé - a former backup at Clemson with no National Football League experience - certainly pales in comparison to Kaepernick's.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback missed the first two days of training camp, and there's no telling when he will suit up.

That's a stable quarterback situation, regardless if it can be improved or not.

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Harbaugh however, like many others, needs some questions answered first, the most obvious being Flacco's health.

Why not sign Colin Kaepernick?

Kaepernick drew significant attention for not standing for the traditional playing of the "Star-Spangled Banner" before games.

As they stand at this point in training camp, the Ravens make more sense as a landing spot for Kaepernick than most teams, if not all teams. He would've been pitted against Mallett and if he won the job, the pressure would be on Flacco to step up his game.

Flacco's 24.22 Pass NEP ranked 28th among all quarterbacks in 2016. That's the decision that really has to be made. Though he said he hasn't dealt with something like this before, Flacco didn't seem concerned about lingering discomfort during the season. As long as he's healthy and ready to play, that's the player the team wants under center.

Even with the team being interested in Colin Kaepernick, the Ravens chose to go a different direction. He worked out for the team on Thursday and will be used for a camp arm.