Baby Killer Whale, the Last to Be Born at SeaWorld, Dies

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"From late evenings to early morning, no matter what, we devote our lives to these creatures, and this misfortune will be felt all through the whole SeaWorld family".

A 3-month-old killer whale named Kyara - the last orca born in captivity as part of SeaWorld's famous breeding program - died Monday at the San Antonio location.

A post-mortem examination is to be conducted, meaning the cause of death will most likely not be confirmed for a few weeks. Kyara and Takara are pictured here.

SeaWorld ended its breeding program in March 2016, according to its website.

The company further noted that pneumonia is "one of the most common causes of morbidity and illness" in whales and dolphins - both in the wild and in captivity.

"Additionally, the team was hand-feeding her in an effort to ensure she received the nutrition she needed".

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SeaWorld welcomed Kyara into the world in April, heralding the calf's birth to 25-year-old Takara as "an exciting and emotional day for us".

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SeaWorld has announced plans to introduce new "natural orca encounters" in place of theatrical shows.

Tilikum, which sired 14 calves over almost 25 years in Orlando, died of bacterial pneumonia in January.

"Forty orcas have now died on SeaWorld's watch-it's time for the abusement park to move the remaining animals to seaside sanctuaries before the death toll hits 41", PETA Vice President Colleen O'Brien said in the statement.

Two of the deaths happened at SeaWorld Orlando, a man who trespassed into the park and Tilikum's trainer Dawn Brancheau who was killed in 2010.