Destiny 2 Early Access Beta Now Live on PS4

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Destiny 2 PlayStation 4 Early Access - If you pre-ordered the game you'll be able to download and start playing on the 18 July from 6PM BST.

Beyond modes, Bungie has offered more information on the subclasses, weapons, and armour that will be available during the beta.

Since this is an early build of the game, there are a few issues that have yet to be squashed before release.

For starters, there are two PvP modes to tinker around with, both using Destiny 2's new 4v4 team format. You get to choose the character's class and subclass. While you can't transfer any of these items over when the full game releases in September, there is still a fair amount of weapons and armor to unlock.

In preparation for the beta we definitely suggest spending a quick 10 minutes to watch this Destiny 2 Beta Beginners guide from Arekkz.

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Players who did not pre-order will be able to access and play on July 21. You can play a level of the campaign, a co-op strike level, and multiplayer until the cows come home, but only two of those things are really representative of what Destiny 2 is all about, and they're over about as soon as they begin, making this feel much more like an extended advertisement than anything else.

It is Bungie's time to shine this week as the Destiny 2 beta will be going live tomorrow for console, starting with PS4 owners. You don't need to search through your list of friends to find someone to enjoy these game types with since they each have matchmaking available. The difference here is you get a limited number of revives per round, so you can bring your teammates back to life and turn the game around at any moment. While you can play The Inverted Spire strike, loot is not rewarded until the very end of the mission.

Progress does not carry over to the final game. Three players can team up for The Spire at a time.

Bungie has released the beta for "Destiny 2" months prior to its official release date. Bungie is aware of the following problems, but you can report other issues to the developers through the Help forum found here. You won't get access to your character's entire skill tree, no matter how much you play.