Ann Coulter bashes Delta Airlines in tweetstorm

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The conservative author and commentator has spent the better part of the past few days going after Delta Air Lines for an alleged seating mishap during a flight from NY to West Palm Beach on Saturday.

Coulter didn't just slam Delta for moving her from her "PRE-BOOKED seat" with extra leg room (to another seat in the same row, according to the airline).

The company said there was some confusion with seating assignments during boarding, and that a flight attendant then asked the passengers to move to the seats noted on their respective tickets. Coulter - and this was her sin, in the eyes of Delta - complained about it.

Delta also addressed Coulter's complaints in a couple of terse tweets, stating she'll be refunded the $30 she paid for the seats while taking her to task for her "insults about our other customers and employees".

Perhaps Coulter will consider treating those around her with more compassion, even airline staff.

Amid her diatribe, Coulter took a brief break to praise JetBlue and their free WiFi for some reason.

Following Delta's response on Sunday, Coulter - who is 6-feet tall - clarified the matter was not about $30. Coulter claimed she had been bumped from a seat she'd paid extra for and had "PRE-BOOKED".

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Coulter was on Delta Airlines flight 2862 from New York City's LaGuardia Airport to Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Fla.

"And another: "@AnnCoulter Additionally, your insults about our other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary".

Coulter was mocked online for having a meltdown after the airline switched her seat with a family who wanted to sit together. One tweet suggested racism at the heart of Coulter's ire (the other passenger had a dark complexion.) Another tweet tried to connect what happened to the conservative commentator with President Trump's immigration policies and the travel ban.

But Delta gate agents and flight attendants are not members of a union, the way they are at American and United.

Delta said as well that its social media and customer care teams had tried to reach out to the political analyst on several occasions to make an apology, but had received no feedback from her until late Sunday night.

Coulter recorded the entire event in a series of images and video footage, which she later posted onto Twitter so that her 1,6 million followers could leave their own comments about Delta's actions.