Multiple people shot at New York's Bronx Lebanon Hospital,

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NY police urged the public to avoid the area around the hospital at 1650 Grand Concourse.

Police said a gunman is dead and at least five people were injured after a shooting inside Bronx Lebanon Hospital in New York City Friday.

Bello was listed on the hospital's website as a family medicine physician.

As the situation continued to unfold, at least one doctor was being treated by people inside the hospital who had tied an emergency fire hose as a tourniquet, the fire department official said.

The NYPD is responding to a shooting at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital this afternoon.

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The FBI of NY said there was no nexus to terrorism at this time. The conditions of the victims are not known at this time, and the gunman is still at-large. AP is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information.

Police had yet to secure the area, preventing emergency medical workers from entering, the Times said. Local media reported that the suspect is believed to be a former employee who was seen wearing a doctor's coat and was possibly armed with a rifle.

Police swarmed the hospital searching for an assailant, the New York Daily News said.

CBS New York reporter Reena Roy tweeted that the NYPD has confirmed that the shooter is down and no longer a threat.