And so it begins: Brexit talks to focus 1st on orderly exit

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"For us it's not a question of generosity, it's a question of continuity and fairness", Stefaan De Rynck, a senior aide to chief EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, said at a seminar in Brussels.

There will be a "two-phased" negotiation, with divorce terms to be set first before talks on future trade relations. A day after the start of Brexit talks, Hammond sought to soften the more confrontational tone towards the bloc taken by Prime Minister Theresa May - a role he has re-adopted since her election flop earlier this month. Anxious by immigration and loss of sovereignty, Britain voted past year to end its four-decades-old membership of the 28-country bloc - the first state ever to do so - in a shock referendum result.

"David Davis said the row of the summer would be over the sequencing of Brexit talks and, one day in, he has capitulated", declared Tim Farron.

Chancellor Philip Hammond says he will push for a business-friendly Brexit, as he outlined his approach for leaving the European Union in a speech at Mansion House.

The chief stewards of the United Kingdom economy, speaking in their delayed annual Mansion House addresses in London on Tuesday, said breaking up financial services such as derivatives and lending after Britain leaves the European Union would result in higher costs for companies.

At the weekend, Hammond revived his opposition to an abrupt departure from the European Union, calling for a phasing-in of Britain's new trade and regulatory relationship with its main trading partner.

"They did vote to leave the EU".

Instead of having a slim majority in Parliament, May's Conservative Party lost 13 seats, and with it their majority power.

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The latest opinion poll from Survation, of more than 1,000 people between 16 and 17 June, found that 57% of respondents opposed a second European Union referendum, while 38% of people backed another plebiscite.

In his first major comments in six weeks, he also said he wanted to see how the economy responded to the "reality of Brexit negotiations".

The chancellor undermined the British prime minister's mantra that "no deal is better than a bad deal" on the eve of Britain's Brexit talks, after he suggested that "no deal would be a very, very bad outcome for Britain".

The chancellor emphasized the importance of the UK's financial sector to the European Union and warned against any disruption to it.

He said: "If all went well, the two parties may want to remarry even before they have divorced".

"Let's be honest, we are already hearing protectionist agendas being advanced, disguised as arguments about regulatory competence, financial stability, and supervisory oversight", Hammond said.

Macron, a committed pro-EU leader and ally of Merkel, also easily won French legislative elections on Sunday, cementing his power base.

A problem for British negotiators is to resolve what trade relationship they want. Our aim is to have one week of negotiations every month.