Trump transition team ordered to save materials on Russia, Ukraine

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Last month, Rosenstein wrote a memo to the president raising concerns over Comey's performance. But later, Trump said in an interview that he would have fired Comey "regardless" of Rosenstein's recommendation.

Comey testified under oath to the Senate intelligence committee earlier in June that Trump told him in a private conversation: "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go". Sad!" Trump tweeted. "Despite the phony Witch Hunt going on in America, the economic & jobs numbers are great.

In response to the statement, former US Attorney Preet Bharara, whom Trump fired in March, tweeted early Friday morning that "Americans should also exercise caution before accepting as true lies about firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation director & defamation of a war hero special counsel", references to criticisms Trump has levied against Mueller and James Comey.

Sekulow on Sunday also acknowledged that the president was "fully aware that if in fact he took this action, he would see a lengthening" of the amount of time it would take to get through the Russian Federation investigation if James Comey was removed as FBI director, but still made a decision to move forward with firing Comey because he "thought it was in the best interest of the American people".

President Donald Trump has issued a stream of tweets defending his record and lashing out at the investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election.

The special counsel reportedly launched its investigation of Trump just days after Trump fired former FBI director James Comey on May 9.

Mueller is the person Rosenstein appointed to lead the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

CEO of Newsmax: Trump considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller
This would be a breathtaking move, even for Trump. "Mr Ruddy never spoke to the president regarding this issue", Spicer said. There's no reason to fire Mueller. "I know what we're investigating and he does not", Rosenstein said to Sen.

In this last tweet, Trump was referring to a memo written by Rosenstein that was intensely critical of Comey and implicitly recommended his removal.

Hours later, a source close to Mr Trump's outside legal team said Mr Trump did not intend his tweet to be confirmation of the investigation but rather was reacting to a Washington Post story on Wednesday about the probe.

Moscow has denied any interference and the White House has denied any collusion.

The latest outburst by Mr Trump followed news that vice president Mike Pence has hired a lawyer in connection with the FBI's investigation.

Trump also criticized the change in focus of the investigation on Thursday, saying that it was run by "some very bad and conflicted people!"

"Why is that Hillary Clintons family and Dems dealings with Russian Federation are not looked at, but my non-dealings are?" he asked.