Fox News is no longer 'Fair & Balanced'

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A Fox News spokesperson told NY that the new tagline won't have any effect on the channel's editorial policies or its programming.

Since Ailes departed the network amid sexual harassment allegations previous year, Fox News has seen the departure of several top hosts and staffers, as well as a reshuffling of its primetime lineup.

The "Fair & Balanced" moniker was a controversial one, viewed by some as a way for the conservative-leaning news channel to feign editorial objectivity.

Fox News Host Bret Baier tweeted on Wednesday that the move was purely for promotional reasons.

The cable news network has dropped its longstanding "F&B" marketing tag in favor of new one, so as to further distance itself from ousted chief Roger Ailes. "Most Trusted", according to NY magazine.

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The decision to shed the "fair and balanced" slogan was made this past August following the dismissal of Fox News' late founder and chairman, Roger Ailes. These revelations prompted advertisers to pull ads from the show's airtime, O'Reilly was forced to take an indefinite hiatus, and on April 19, Fox News announced O'Reilly would not be returning to the show.

The network's new tagline, according to New York's sources, will be "Most Watched". He died last month at age 77.

According to the magazine, the slogan is reportedly being changed because it had "been mocked" and was "too closely associated" with Ailes.

It might seem odd for the network to suddenly care that its venerable slogan is widely mocked, after so many years of emphatically not caring. But "Fair & Balanced" definitely was best known, and most mockable.