Turkey blasts Israel approving new W.Bank settlements

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"The global community, including Congress, must pressure Israel to respect human rights".

But the negative consequences of the war seem largely lost in most of the 50th anniversary media coverage in Israel and that's where the disconnect from reality comes in.

Israel has advanced plans for a further 1,500 homes in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, Peace Now, an Israeli non-profit organization advocating for a two-state solution, said on Thursday, the second such announcement in a week.

Israel pushed forward with the plans as it marked 50 years since the Six-Day War, which began its occupation of the territory.

The Israeli media have been celebrating the "reunification".

The settlement expansion, illegal under worldwide law, is also a snub to US President Donald Trump, who had told Israel to hold back on such projects as he seeks ways to restart peace efforts.

The Palestinian population of the city is much larger today than it was in 1967.

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Bennett reminded the naysayers that while they may disagree with his conclusion, most Israelis do not.

Most of the "Free Palestine" items in Amazon's marketplace have been getting one-star ratings from consumers unhappy with how Amazon is willing to host a third-party retailer that sells anti-Israel propaganda.

The plans are at various stages in the process and the units are in a number of settlements across the West Bank.

And when we talk about Jerusalem's importance for the Jewish people, where are we talking about?

Nowhere does he reference Israeli initiatives - at Camp David in 2000 and at Annapolis in 2008 - which could have produced a Palestinian state had Palestinian leaders not walked away.

Israel would later sign historic peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, but to this day its conflict with the Palestinians remains unresolved.

While the prisoners are regarded in the Palestinian society as heroes who sacrificed their freedom for the liberation of their homeland, the Israeli society sees all of them as terrorists. It's unfortunate, but that's reality.