Portland stabbing suspect yells slogans at court hearing

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Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, faces aggravated murder and other charges over the incident in Portland, Oregon, on Friday.

On Monday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler called on federal authorities to rescind a permit for a June 4 "Trump Free Speech Rally" and not to issue a permit for a June 10 "March Against Sharia". Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23, and Ricky Best, 53, intervened and were fatally stabbed.

The mother of one of the targets of the rant said she was overwhelmed with gratitude and sadness for the strangers who died defending her daughter, 16-year-old Destinee Mangum.

Micah Fletcher survived a stab wound to the neck last week when he stood up to an attacker who was harassing two teenage girls on a train in Portland, Oregon.

The 21-year-old says Portland has a "white savior complex" and wants to heap praise on him, but the real victims are the women who were subjected to hate speech Friday.

"He basically turned to my son and said terrible things, and my son just grabbed his father's hand and squeezed it so tight, that my husband hoped he wouldn't break it", said Margie Fletcher, Micah Fletcher's mother.

Christian bragged about what he had done, saying "that's what liberalism gets you", as he sat in the back of a police vehicle, according to court documents. I call it patriotism!' at Multnomah County Court, in Oregon.

In the patrol auto, Christian can be heard on surveillance video saying he stabbed three people in the neck and that he can "die a happy man", according to court papers.

Friday's attack happened on the first day of Ramadan - the Muslim holy month, marked by daily fasting from dawn to sunset - and is the latest in a series of apparent hate crimes in the region.

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Joseph was arrested but he continued his rant as he sat in the back of a police auto and said: "I stabbed the two (expletives) in the neck and I'm happy now".

Christian got off the train at the Hollywood Transit Center, threatened several people on the platform, and left the area.

Fletcher choked up during his interview with KPTV when he spoke of the two men who died. Police say when three other men on the train, including Fletcher, intervened, Christian attacked them.

The more than $500,000 raised by the LaunchGood campaign Muslims Unite for Portland Heroes, organized by the Muslim Education Trust and CelebrateMercy (both Islamic groups), is intended primarily to benefit the victims' families. Fletcher was stabbed first in the neck then Namkai-Meche was stabbed twice, also in the neck.

The affidavit said cell phone video also showed Christian stabbing the men and yelling epithets.

"They lost their lives because of me and my friend, and the way we look", Magnum, who is black, said.

I'm tearing out motherfucker's throats, you think I give a fuck who I spit on?

Christian was charged with aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder, assault, intimidation and unlawful use of a weapon.