PayPal Android Pay Integration Live

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Get the Android Pay app from Google Play and add your eligible card to get started.

Like physical retailers, some apps will make Android Pay available as an option including Uber, Delivery Club, Lamoda, or Rambler-Kassa. The companies did say that it would take a while before the integration went live.

Russian Federation is the 11th country to adopt Android Pay, following launches in the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Poland, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Japan and Belgium.

We do, however, know that Android Pay will work with "major credit and debit cards in Canada" and that the platform can be used "anywhere contactless is accepted", according to the documents.

In April, AP Hota, the managing director of National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) - the developer of UPI - had revealed that wildly popular messaging service WhatsApp has shown interest in using UPI to launch its new payments platform in the country.

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The integration will enable PayPal users to link their account to Android Pay.

At that point a year ago, more than one Canadian Android user told us that the payments service suddenly started working with some cards - and presumably stopped working shortly after.

The latest software update adds PayPal integration so that you can tap and swipe with your account as if it were cold, hard cash.

"We are always looking for ways to make it easy for people to pay with their mobile devices, such as Android Pay in some countries, and looking to expand those capabilities to the next billion users", a Google spokesperson said. Google has also updated the page for Android Pay's supported banks and cards, it now mentions PayPal.