Daredevils climb to top of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

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They could face charges for trespassing and posing threat, specifically to motorists if one of them fell, Los Angeles Times reports. At one point, the two are seen hanging off the edge of one of the bridge's towers, seemingly without any safety equipment, with just their fingertips for support.

Once they reached the top of the bridge, Teatime said, the friends made a decision to perform somersaults and hang their bodies to add another level of thrill to the climb.

Here's video of the two scaling the bridge.

Bridge District General Manager Denis Mulligan gave a press conference alongside the CHP Tuesday explaining that the teens were successful because they weren't sneaking around any particularly vulnerable spots on the bridge - I guess structurally?

The suspects, Peter Teatime and Tommy Rector, went through a fenced off area to access the bridge cables. They were on the bridge for about an hour, he said. Two teens recently did a unsafe stunt by climbing the Golden Gate Bridge without any safety gear and the video which has now gone viral is terrifying and risky.

Peter Teatime's social media profile is full of videos of him free-climbing and performing parkour stunts, along with several photos of him standing on top of buildings.

'But for any explorer the Golden Gate Bridge is an absolute must-do, as it's the tallest bridge in the USA and such an iconic structure, ' he said.

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Golden Gate Bridge officials became aware of the stunt a week and a half ago when they saw the video online, authorities said.

"Their path of travel didn't trigger an alarm", Clemens said. "It is vital public infrastructure and it's a symbol of our community".

Two youths climb the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

"I want to assure you the bridge is safe", said bridge Capt. Lisa Locati.

"We would like to talk to authorities about security, about preventing people from climbing the bridge in the future", Teatime said.

The daredevils said they would be willing to consult with officials on how to improve security. "Our security systems are developed to keep people from harming the structure".

"To us, it's not nerve-racking", he said.