Microsoft aims to create a more versatile Windows 10

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Fluent Design: Previously code named Project Neon the new design will be part of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update where developers will create applications, that will bring game-like qualities to the user interface.

Windows 10 is getting another update, and that's just ONE of the major announcements Microsoft made at its Build 2017 developers conference.

Microsoft has also unveiled a new app called Windows Story Remix lets you edit photos and video with 3D and mixed reality elements. As per CNBC, Apple is already using this feature and it is called the Universal Clipboard. That's up from 400 million disclosed last September, but far short of a goal of 1 billion by 2018.

Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant, will ask users if they want to resume where they left off when they switch between devices, according to The Verge. Addressing the developers community, Myerson said Microsoft was inspired to make Windows and Visual studio the best home for all developers, not only for applications on Windows, but app experiences that span across all platforms and all devices. The app takes advantage of deep learning to organize images and clips into stories, complete with a soundtrack and transitions.

The Creators Update will also include Windows Mixed Reality, Microsoft's VR platform.

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HTC will include a 3.5mm-to-USB-C adapter in the box, though, as well as a pair of USB-C earbuds with active noise cancellation. You can squeeze the sides of the phone to open the camera app, capture a photo, and can perform various other actions.

As with other Windows 10 updates, this will be free for existing Windows 10 users.

Microsoft also introduced a mixed-reality controller that will work with virtual-reality goggles being developed by hardware makers using the company's software.

At their recent developer conference, Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing they're making iTunes available in their app store by the end of the year. Being in the Windows store also means the apps will work on Windows 10 S. This makes the Surface laptop more appealing for students who are going to study computer science.

Microsoft is bringing OneDrive Placeholders with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Acer Inc. will bundle the controller and the goggles for $399 for the holiday shopping season. Files stored in OneDrive will also be listed on all your logged in PCs, even if they're not synced locally. A few weeks ago we were able to upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update and in a few months Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will arrive. Microsoft stated that developers in the US and Canada can pre-order an Acer ($299 USD) or HP ($329 USD) Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition starting today from the Microsoft Store for delivery later this summer.