Celtics seek top pick, Lakers aim to keep theirs in lottery

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Thanks to the trade with Brooklyn that sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Nets, the Celtics is a case of the rich getting richer. If the latter happens, the Lakers could absorb dealing a young player since the new prospect will take his place.

Those things and more to keep your eyes on as the draft lottery officially begins the path to the draft on June 22nd.

Transparency: The league will release a video of the actual drawing shortly after the completion of ESPN's lottery presentation.

They will enter the lottery with an 8.80 percent chance of winning the top overall pick, a 9.65 percent probability of receiving the second pick and 10.67 percent odds of obtaining the third pick.

In what could be the Wolves' last hurrah in a long stretch of lottery appearances, maybe this finally will be the year Minnesota moves up.

The Boston Celtics can benefit in a big way from trading two former champions, while the Los Angeles Lakers hope a failed trade for one point guard won't cost them a shot at another. "You'd trade No. 6 for No. 15 or something like that and get a player that could help us".

Another potential story is vindication for "The Process" in Philadelphia. And when it came up No. 1, I ran around that office.

The 2017 NBA Lottery is nearly here!

When is the National Basketball Association draft lottery and where can I watch it?

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During this time of the year for the NBA, there's three important events: the NBA Finals, the 2017 NBA Draft and the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery.

They got a huge victory Tuesday night, and maybe the wins on the court will soon follow. Jackson said he offered that sentiment to Lakers president Magic Johnson, who will sit on the dais while Jackson stays home.

"The pain that we've all gone through, the pain of losing is real". Neither Tatum nor the team representatives on stage will be informed of the lottery results prior to the opening of the envelopes. So yeah, you're not going to want to miss it.

"All I can remember was when they went to the commercial break and we were in the top three, I was having an anxiety attack", Lloyd recalled.

Because of another previous trade, they also will get the Los Angeles Lakers' first-round pick if it isn't in the top three at the lottery. The number 1 draft pick will be decided on May 16, so before that goes down, find out how to watch, who's the odds-on favorite to win and more! There recent top picks have been nothing more than role players.

That is significant because if the Lakers fall out of the top three the Sixers will be awarded their pick. That would have been disappointing.

We've compiled a list dating back to 1957, when the Fort Wayne Pistons moved to the Motor City.

Harris, the 19th selection overall in the 2014 draft, was selected to represent the Nuggets in this year's draft lottery selection.

"If we get the lottery balls to bounce our way, we have a great attack plan for the draft", Pelinka said. "We don't have to wait and see what someone else does".