Glitch shortens 200th spacewalk at International Space Station

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NASA celebrated an important milestone Friday: its 200th spacewalk on the International Space Station.

NASA has experienced a series of problems with water leaking inside the astronauts' helmets, most notably in 2013, when water began filling Italian Luca Parmitano's headpiece, forcing him to cut short his spacewalk and make an emergency re-entry into the space lab.

Mission Control stressed throughout the day that Fischer's suit was fine and that the leak was confined to the umbilical hose.

Fischer ended up sharing Whitson's spacesuit servicing system, which caused both to burn through their spacesuits' battery power faster than usual.

Friday's mission was Whitson's ninth spacewalk.

Whitson and Fischer will replace a faulty 200-pound electronics box that routes commands and data to experiments.

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet representing the European Space Agency will assist the spacewalkers from inside the station.

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Fischer's enthusiasm for the beauty of the Earth beneath him was apparent throughout the spacewalk. He and Commander Peggy Whitson were fit checking their spacesuits in advance of Friday's spacewalk.

The leaky hose had to be disconnected before the spacewalk could begin.

Whitson, 57, broke the record for most cumulative time in space by an American astronaut in April of this year. With coverage starting at 6.30 a.m. Initially, White propelled himself to the end of the 8-meter tether and back to the spacecraft three times using the hand-held gun.

NASA completed its first ISS spacewalk on December 7, 1998, just 17 days after the space station first launched.

With landing September 3, Whitson's total time in space over three missions will stand at 666 days, moving her up to eighth in the world, just behind Yurchikhin at No. 7 with 673 days in orbit and six other cosmonauts.

"Oh my gosh, this is lovely", Fischer said as he worked 250 miles above the planet. NASA is especially wary of leaks involving spacesuits.