Protester killed in violent demonstrations in Venezuela

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Although this decision was ultimately reversed, people are sick and exhausted of President Nicolas Maduro.

The streets of Caracas were tense on Wednesday with scores of protesters clashing with Venezuela's National Guard.

Bishop Castor Oswaldo Azuaje Perez of Trujillo, Venezuela, said in a newspaper interview that "the government is barking up the wrong tree" in attempting to quell public demonstrations without allowing for democratic elections.

Many citizens feel the country's government is becoming a dictatorship.

Sound Off! supporters weigh in.

The unrest has killed at least 37 people since early April, including protesters, government sympathizers, bystanders, and security forces.

Opposition leaders say he is trying to keep himself and his allies in power.

People gather for a homage to Miguel Castillo at the spot where he died yesterday in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, May 11, 2017.

Opposition leaders said 200 of those were being processed by military tribunals in Carabobo state.

Anti-government protesters rally in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

Anti-government protesters take to the streets
Anti-government protesters take to the streets

Lansberg-Rodriguez said those within the military who dislike the government tend to be lower-ranking officers, and that it is possible there will be more defections.

The oil-rich South American nation has been facing an economic crisis since world oil prices dropped, leaving the population plagued by rising crime, vast shortages of food and medical supplies, and triple-digit inflation. "We can not remain silent in the face of such obvious abuse of the basic human rights of Venezuelans".

Capriles joined thousands of demonstrators in the streets of Caracas on Wednesday in the latest protest, part of a six-week-long wave of unrest, as demonstrators prepared to throw faeces at security forces, adding to the customary rocks, petrol bombs and tear gas.

Confirmed malaria cases in 2016 stood at 240,000, a 76% increase over 2015.

Thousands of babies died in Venezuela a year ago, official data shared by local media on Tuesday revealed, highlighting the tragic impact of the country's economic crisis amid political tension.

In March, Venezuela's Medical Federation said hospitals had less than 5 percent of the medicine needed to properly treat patients.

The latest protest march in Caracas aimed to march to the Supreme Court, which has passed measures they say aim to strengthen Maduro's grip on power.

The opposition blames President Nicolas Maduro for the crisis.

"If you need to have an operation, nowadays, you must bring your own medicines to the hospital", says Eugenia Morin, a 59-year old the housewife who protested against the government last week.

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