Teen wins Wendy's nuggets for a year by breaking all-time retweet record

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On April 5, he hopped on Twitter and asked how he could have unfettered access his favorite munchies: Wendy's chicken nuggets. The appeal got support from Microsoft as well which retweeted his tweet from its official Twitter handle.

As of Tuesday, his tweet had been retweeted 3,478,226 times. But with 3.4m retweets, today it knocked Ellen DeGeneres' famous Oscars selfie off the top spot as the most retweeted tweet of all time.

Carter Wilkerson, 16, asked the fast-food chain on Twitter last month how many retweets it would take for him to get free nuggets for a year.

Though he fell short, Wendy's still awarded Wilkerson with a free year of chicken nuggets.

Carter's screenshot of the exchange with the plea "HELP ME PLEASE".

Carter told Wendy's to "consider it done" and the race for a viral post was off.

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Late last month, Ellen had Carter on her show to talk about his internet notoriety, the campaign, and to warn him not to get too close to her record-setting Oscars selfie. I worked so hard to set that record'. It's earned just more than 3.4 million retweets while Carter's, as of this morning, has so far netted about 3.5 million.

Ellen, however, wasn't impressed her "cultural phenomenon" of a selfie was being dethroned by some hungry teenager - and gave Carter some very lavish gifts to ensure his cooperation.

The charity is a Wendy's affiliated nonprofit that finds permanent homes for children in foster care.

Twitter pointed to Wilkerson's chicken nugget plea in its first quarter letter to shareholders, noting that the social media site is the "best place for advertisers to drive brand perception".

It's an wonderful thing that 3.4 million people could come together to support such a unusual quest, as getting that many millions of people to agree on any one thing would seem an otherwise impossible task.