Apple is now 80% of the way to a trillion-dollar company

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In times when manufacturers are pumping in more memory to boost performance, it is expected that Apple will restrict itself to 3GB of RAM for the iPhone 8.

The note also predicts the OLED-screened 8 will feature a 5.85-inch edge-to-edge display with an integrated home button, but the phone will still sport top and bottom bezels, à la the S8. According to the rumour, the bundled headphones will help bring the cost of the device up to $1,000.

After Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) reported lukewarm second quarter results and guidance for its third quarter, the company's stock price dipped a smidgen. Lastly, JPMorgan analysts say that the Apple iPhone 7s and Apple iPhone 7s Plus will carry the same the design we've seen used on the iPhone since the Apple iPhone 6.

Apple has two events on the horizon, WWDC in June and a further event in the fall.

Speaking of the current lineup, JP Morgan believes Apple will replace the current handsets with an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus duo. There are reports indicating how the said special edition iPhone could also be named iPhone X, iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition.

A fresh report out of China claims that there are no component delays for the iPhone 8. Investors are likely to look past summer numbers toward the iPhone 8 and more news about capital distribution. We can just assume that it for iPhone but will have to wait till any official statement regarding the use of this technology in iPhone is out.

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Curved glass, stainless steel materials, more advanced cameras and a new type of screen are just a few of the specifications that are now tested at Apple.

As Apple celebrates its improvement, CIRP notes that the company's growth has not been as high as expected.

There have been rumors that Apple has been having trouble with keeping production on track with the next generation iPhones. As for now, the Cupertino-based company has not made any official announcements regarding the exact release date and specs about the iPhone 8.

iPhone revenue rose 1 percent to $33.2 billion, benefiting from the iPhone 7 Plus.

"It took us a little while to adjust all the way back through the supply chain and to bring iPhone 7 Plus [availability] into balance, which occurred ... early this past quarter", Cook said. Although he believes that this delay won't undermine the actual demand as long as the iPhone 8 lives up to the hype. As great as that would be, at least for some iPhone fans, it's not going to happen.