East side to host Cinco de Mayo celebration

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Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican victory against French forces on May 5, 1862.

For the first time, in nearly two decades, the president didn't host a White House Cinco de Mayo celebration. In 1962, despite being gruesomely outnumbered by their enemies, the Mexican army won a decisive victory in what was called "the Battle of Puebla".

There are several Cinco de Mayo deals, discounts and freebies available this year.

Palenque's barbacoa tacos consist of spiced, braised beef topped with cilantro and onions in a corn tortilla.

Palenque Fresh Mexican Cuisine is located at 4736 Wyandotte St. E.in Windsor.

La Fonda del Sol, 200 Park Ave., is offering an all day happy hour in honor of Cinco de Mayo. But activists brought the celebration of Mexican culture to the USA, not Americans.

Not everyone feels like Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to build community.

United settles with doctor dragged off flight for undisclosed amount
He said he did not want to leave the flight because he works as a doctor and had patients to see the following day. Dr Dao's daughter later said her father's harrowing ordeal was worse than his experiences during the Vietnam War.

But, like Jimenez-Gutierrez, Ramirez-Arellano would never be acknowledging - let alone celebrating - Cinco de Mayo if it weren't for her restaurant. Corona encouraged people to celebrate the party by drinking Mexican beer. In the 1970s some enclaves of Mexican American supporters of the civil rights and Chicano movements celebrated Cinco de Mayo because of what they considered an inspiring background story.

Jose Cuervo said in a statement the idea come from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, a Los Angeles-based advertising agency, and has been well received on social media.

According to José Alamillo, professor of ethnic studies at Washington State University in Pullman, a 2006 study found there are more than 150 official Cinco de Mayo events across the country.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in the United States think Cinco de Mayo is a holiday centered around going out and eating tacos and ordering too many margaritas.

That holiday is celebrated on September 16th.

Don't perpetuate harmful stereotypes, do silly, disrespectful voices, or run around shouting "Cinco de Drinko!" What many people do not know is that there is more to this day than just such festivities.

Chicano Studies professor Jose Alamillo said that Mexicans living in California at the time felt a sense of comradeship with Mexicans. The brewery is calling it Fünf de Mayo.