Where LSU players landed after 2017 NFL Draft, UFA signings

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The 2017 NFL Draft just wrapped up and all eyes are already looking forward to the 2018 version, and the Mountain West could reverse their draft profile with Wyoming Cowboys quarterback Josh Allen already receiving hype as next year's first overall pick.

Rogers now joins Pete Carroll's Seahawks squad with the potential to provide a weapon for Russell Wilson in Seattle and the chance to make 31 teams regret passing on him in the draft.

Of course, this is just for fun - it's way too early for this - but Kadar has some interesting predictions for the Jets. First, the draft order is taken from the latest Super Bowl odds, so if you are upset at where your team is slotted, please direct those frustrations to Las Vegas. It's where teams are built, and fans can never get enough of it. All off season consists of talking about who their team should grab.

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Well, in Kadar's mock, prized USC product Sam Darnold lands with the Browns despite having recently drafted DeShone Kizer.

"Quarterbacks haven't been the first three picks in the draft since 1999, but teams showed this year they'll be aggressive at the position", Kadar said. The status of "student-athlete" appears as tentative as ever, and many players who felt that greener pastures were awaiting them in the pro league were met with a rude awakening. If he does, NY won't need an arm come next year's draft.