Corbyn would put nation's security at risk, Defence Secretary says

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"Yes, it's Labour Party policy".

Mandelson worked closely with Blair to ditch Labour's reformist programme and launch New Labour as another version of the Conservative Party in the 1990s.

Britain's opposition Labour Party said Tuesday that it will tear up the government's negotiating plan for Brexit and guarantee all European Union citizens in the United Kingdom the right to stay if it wins the June 8 national election.

Speaking on Sky News, the Defence Secretary said Jeremy Corbyn's "chaotic" approach to tackling terrorism and retaining the Trident nuclear deterrent would "put security of this country at risk immediately he was elected".

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on registered Labour Party voters to break ranks and vote Tory or Liberal Democrat in the upcoming general election, further challenging Jeremy Corbyn's troubled leadership over the main opposition party.

Mr Green said: I think people feel some of the big energy companies have taken advantage of them with the tariffs they've got.

The STUC also wants the Scottish government to be able to legislate on the right to work for refugees and asylum-seekers while devolving more power could help create more apprenticeships and see more workers paid the living wage.

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She'll say the general election is "a two-horse race between the SNP and hard-line Tories".

"The hardliners have taken over the Tory party and those Tory hardliners now want to take over the country as well".

He told the Daily Telegraph: "Jeremy Corbyn, unlike many of his distinguished predecessors in the Labour Party from Clement Attlee through Dennis Healey and beyond, has demonstrated why he should not be trusted with the ultimate responsibility of government - that of the nation's defence and security". Failing that, the "progressives" must vote "for whichever of the candidates is pro-Europe and against Hard Brexit", including Tory candidates. Its head, Neal Lawson, has insisted that cross-party alliances are necessary to deal with the "threats, challenges and opportunities" facing the country in the referendum's aftermath.

Most Labour lawmakers — and most Conservatives —argued before last year's referendum that Britain should remain in the EU.

Mr Corbyn will do that by making an unashamed pitch to the more militant, left-wing activists in his speech.

The European Commission has made it clear these freedoms are indivisible and Britain's Prime Minister has made it equally clear that she will not compromise on Britain's desire to recover complete control of its borders. He is railing against rigged systems, putting the people before the powerful and defining his enemies.