Bill Murray Is Releasing An Album Of Classical Music This Summer

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AsThe New York Times reports, the iconic actor is working with cellist Jan Vogler on a new project titled New Worlds, in which he sings and performs literary readings over chamber music performed by an ensemble that also includes Murray's wife Mira Wang on violin.

Bill Murray, the only man who can eat your french fries off of your plate, smile, and say no one will believe you, before disappearing into the evening air, is releasing a classical album.

Never one to shy away from a new cultural adventure, Bill Murray is venturing in the classical music world in a series of concerts including one in Chicago this fall.

The project dates back to early 2013, when Vogler and Murray were sitting across from each other on a flight from Berlin to NY.

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Peter Venkman Murray will read selections from Whitman, Hemingway, and Twain. It will be followed by a North American tour and album release in August.

"When they start playing, the demand is so great that if you are attending to who you are right now, it brings out something that you couldn't have visualized or planned for", Murray told the Times. While this may seem like a weird project, New Worlds has been in the works since 2013 following a shared plane ride between Murray and Vogler, and two years later, Vogler accompanying Murray on the Poets House annual Brooklyn Bridge poetry walk. "They're gone." Following the release of New Worlds, Murray will premiere the live show at Festival Napa Valley on July 20.

Vogler has played with major orchestras including the New York Philharmonic.