Facebook will now integrate AR technology in its platform

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The AR Studio tool has three inputs to trigger augmented reality effects: Face Tracker (not identity or facial recognition), Sensor data, such as the gyroscope and location, and Scripting APIs to pull in data from other apps and respond to user inputs in real time.

Facebook hold an annual developer's event, used to bring together the large number of people that work for the social network. Act two is "giving developers the power to build all kinds of AR tools into the first augmented reality platform, the camera".

Wearing his signature gray t-shirt and blue jeans on the first day of Facebook's signature F8 Developer Conference in San Jose, Zuckerberg on Tuesday spoke about a new way for developers to create features into Facebook's built-in camera that add digital graphics to the real world you see through the lens.

He also briefly acknowledged the "tragedy in Cleveland", in which Steve Stephens shot to death a randomly chosen victim, Robert Godwin, on Sunday and then posted video of the crime on Facebook. However, with the pervasiveness of smartphones and their ability to support photo- and video-sharing, it's become clear the phone will lead that technological change, he said.

"It's going to take a while for this to develop", Zuckerberg said.

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Facebook was not mindlessly copying Snapchat with its recent update on its various platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. For example, a new Discover tab on the Facebook Messenger platform will make it easier for users to find particular bots out of the many that are available, or scan Messenger Codes with their cameras to access information and offerings from particular businesses.

At the F8 event Facebook also launched a new virtual reality app, Facebook Spaces, created to let users hang out in virtual environments.

"Think about how numerous things you use don't actually need to be physical", Mark Zuckerberg Told Recode where he also talked about his broader AR vision, which includes AR glasses.

Back in October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave us a live Oculus Rift demo. The company also plans to provide related effects to users.