55% of Americans believe Trump has not kept his campaign promises

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The Gallup survey coincides with heightened worldwide tensions that many believe contradict the "American First" non-interventionist platform Trump campaigned on.

A new poll from Gallup released early Monday finds that a majority of Americans no longer view Trump as keeping his promises, with poll numbers on that question falling from 62 per cent in February to 45 per cent in early April, a big tumble of 17 percentage points. In February, 56% of millennial voters said they believed he keeps his promises, but now just 34% say they do.

The decline in faith that he would follow through on his pledges spanned across demographics - women, men, liberals, moderates and conservatives.

That's down from 62 percent who believed he would when polled from February 1-5, two weeks after Trump's inauguration. It also said that 30 percent "Strongly Approve" of the way Trump is performing and 39 percent "Strongly Disapprove" of the same.

"The Gallup poll found that only 36 percent view Trump as ‶honest and trustworthy".

Gallup's Jim Norman noted the more positive assessments of Trump in February came as he started his presidency with a flurry of executive orders and Cabinet appointments.

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The poll, which was taken between April 5 and April 9, showed that Trump's ratings fell on all six presidential leadership characteristics that Gallup measures. People were less likely to answer that the president "can bring about the changes this country needs" and that he is "honest and trustworthy".

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The Gallup poll, which has a 4 percent margin of error, is based on telephone interviews of about 1,019 US adults conducted April 5-9.

Trump's early days in office have been marked by an inability to make good on such promises as repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Not surprisingly, the poll also showed a massive drop in Trump's trustworthiness among Democrats and those who didn't support his presidency in the first place.