Triple talaq: Adityanath fumes over practice, AIMPLB hits back

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The statement is made by Akhtar after AIMPLB general secretary Maulana Wali Rehmani on Sunday said the Muslim law board has chose to issue a code of conduct and has given warning that those who will pronounce talaq without Islamic law reasons will have to go through social boycott.

Kalbe Sadiq, vice-president of the AIMPLB, had acknowledged that triple talaq was unfair to women.

He, however, deprecated any attempts at creating a "conflict" within the Muslim community on the issue and suggested tackling it through social awareness.

On the other hand, another member of AIMPLB Khalid Rashid lauded the Prime Minister's initiative, adding that he should also make efforts towards improving "girls' education".

Abbas said many Muslim countries have already put an end to the practice as it is directly linked to the lives of Muslim women.

"Our Muslim sisters deserve justice". Social boycott has worked welll in Mewat [Haryana] where 20-25 years ago a panchayat issued orders that a man uttering talaq thrice would be socially boycotted and denied resources.

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Interestingly, some renowned Hanafi scholars have also ruled against concurrent or triple talaq.

"We appeal to members of the community to give their wards higher education and ensure property rights to female members along with mehar at the time of nikah (marriage)", he said, adding that the Board will use social media to educate community members. They said it should be understood that triple talaq had been made a th.

With the hugely divisive issue being hotly debated, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad attacked the AIMPLB on triple talaq, saying the Islamic body was not ready to give equal rights to women, whom they treat as an "object".

AIMPLB Secretary Zafrab Jilani told ANI, "The schemes of the welfare of Muslims which were being carried out upto 2014, have been virtually stopped". It still considers women as objects and is not ready to let them enjoy their fundamental rights.

The signature campaign has revealed that majority of the Muslims in the country are against any change in their personal law, Rehmani said.