Fox will investigate Bill O'Reilly harassment claims, lawyer says

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According to CNN, Fox News' parent company, 21st Century Fox, is going to investigate allegations that its No. 1 host, Bill O'Reilly, has a longstanding habit of making sexually inappropriate overtures to women in the workplace.

A representative for 21st Century Fox confirmed that the company is having the incident investigated by the law firm that fielded harassment complaints at Fox News a year ago following the lawsuit filed by former anchor Gretchen Carlson, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Carlson sued ousted Fox News chief Roger Ailes in July. "I met with leaders from China, Egypt and Jordan, Gorsuch was confirmed, the media is saying nice things and no one is talking about Russian Federation", he told the crowd, adding, "What a difference 59 Tomahawk missiles can make".

Afterward, O'Reilly went to commercial break, but acknowledged that "more than 60" advertisers had pulled their ads from his show after recent allegations of sexual assault were leveled against him.

The probe comes in response to a complaint lodged last week by Wendy Walsh, a former regular guest on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor". Walsh's complaint was recorded with her lawyer, former NBC contributor Lisa Bloom, and posted on YouTube.

When she rebuffed his offer, O'Reilly instead took her to a bar and "became hostile", Walsh said. "Fox News and O'Reilly have said no one has complained about him on their complaint line".

"OK, but when she said no, what was her vibe?" he says.

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Walsh told The New York Times that O'Reilly had promised to get her a job at Fox News, but he had changed his mind after she rejected his advances.

"I'm told that they are taking it seriously, and they are going to do the investigation that's legally required of them", she said. "While he denies the merits of these claims, O'Reilly has resolved those he regarded as personal responsibility".

"And if you've got a friend who was accused of something like that over and over again, I might think twice about defending him, because that just contributes to a culture where women don't want to come forward".

Finally, Baldwin's O'Reilly wrapped the show by promoting his new book, Old School: Life in the Sane Lane - "It's about having great morals and values, and it couldn't have come at a better time".

That's no longer true, however, as Bloom and Walsh proved by filming their call to the hotline.

The accusations against O'Reilly prompted major advertisers to abandon his nightly television program, The O'Reilly Factor.