Japan PM: North Korea May Be Capable Of Sarin-Loaded Missiles

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe believes that North Korea may be able to deliver missiles that have been equipped with sarin nerve gas, Reuters reports.

His warning came as analysts said North Korea may be preparing for a sixth nuclear test ahead of a key anniversary in the country and following the deployment of a U.S. naval strike group to the region.

As tension and speculation increases over North Korea's expected sixth nuclear bomb test, the United States on April 7 reportedly sent an aircraft to Okinawa, Japan, capable of sniffing out radioactive material following a blast, Stars and Stripes reported. He'd like help from China but said the U.S.is willing to do it alone.

North Korea's military promised to "ruthlessly ravage" the U.S. if the American aircraft carrier group that is now on its way to the region takes aggressive action. There has been widespread speculation that North Korea would celebrate those occasions with either a sixth nuclear test or the ICBM launch it's always been working towards.

South Korea's defence ministry has said the North has an estimated 5,000 tons of warheads.

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Earlier, South Korea warned North Korea against engaging in any "provocation", such as a nuclear or missile test, to mark the "Day of the Sun", the 105th anniversary of the birth of North Korea's state founder Kim Il Sung, which the country will celebrate on Saturday.

The reports come amid rising tensions between the USA and North Korea and a month after the US placed a THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea.

Japan has taken a few steps this week to reassure the public about its effort to protect the public.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference on Friday that the government was always collecting and analyzing information about North Korea's moves but refrained from commenting on details. But recently, Abe's ruling party has proposed that Japan should bolster its missile defense, including upgrading the capability to shoot down an enemy missile and acquiring the capacity to attack the base it was sacked from.

Tensions in the pacific are rising, as North Korea continues to flex its military muscle with missile launches. The military also plans to introduce or obtain new guided bombs, Hyunmoo-2 ballistic missiles, Hyunmoo-3 cruise missiles, and Taurus air-to-ground missiles to strike against North Korean nuclear and missile facilities.